When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Sunday, November 02, 2014


It's insta time again. I'm @MamaJillaroo. All shots taken on my phone. Minimal editing. Follow along!

Sunday night, I just felt like cake. So I made a box of funfetti. Because, caaaaake.
And you can't have cake on its own, so out comes some ice cream. Because we can.
It is STINKIN hot down here and we aren't even in summer yet. I do not like dresses but it was too hot and sticky for shorts, so a sundress was necessary. Hubs took this while I had hair in my eyes. Go figure.
You can't wear a sundress without some accessories, right?
With the weather being so warm, we've been attempting to use our outdoor setting a bit more. These two cherubs overlook our table and chairs. Top one is for Julia, bottom one is for Evan.
After picture time, I settled outside with my Annual Inspirations book and the new Seasonal Expressions mini book, a notepad, and plenty of fluids. Gotta get some business future planning done. Workshops, dates, supply lists, etc. #harddayattheoffice
I need to get some new customers in order for my business to really take off. So, I'm trying something new. Plus, with a brand spankin new Starbucks just.down.the.road.... it'd be criminal to not go right?
Lunch time, clean out the fridge time, gonna have some croissant sandwiches. Chicken and cheese if you must know. Quite delightful!
Clean out the fridge dinners here are quite common. This dish was fettucine with meat sauce. Ground beef, bit of diced bacon, and 2 sliced up leftover italian pork sausages cooked up with jarred sauce. Quite yummy and the italian sausages perked it up very nicely. Good thing I made a double batch!
I got some more future planning done and it feels good.
Something else I'm doing with my business is a Melbourne Cup crop. I don't follow horse racing, nor do I see the appeal. But, when MC rolls around, I like seeing the redonkulous hats and shoes some choose to wear. Me? I'll be in my sundress, flip flops, and maybe a headband, or just sunnies. Whatevs.
Oof, it's a hot one today in SEQ. Plenty of fluids required. Splurging on a Bailey's Iced Coffee here at home while I edit my Picture My Life photos and set up 2015 events. Stay hydrated folks!
Watching Criminal Minds. Missing my babies. Evan Bear cuddle time, stat.
I <3 CTMH! This was waiting for me in the mail today. Thanks for the recognition Susan! #CreatingwithKaraDavies #ItSaysSUPERVISOR #IhaveaTITLE #ctmhallovertheworld
Bought the babies annual Christmas gifts today. One of these days we'll get out to the cemetery for a visit...
November 1st, and I'm out for Coffee Craft & Chat. Time to get my business name out there!
I haven't had a decent toasted bagel and cream cheese for AGES! Decided to splurge on myself, after all, I'm worth it.
Quick selfie, as you do.
Sunny spring Saturday in SEQ? Calls for hot quesadillas and icy drinks on the back terrace. #ItsHotInSEQ #wherethefudgedidspringgo #itaintsummeryet #ineedcoldrainstat
Breaking news! All current #PictureMyLife kits are *now* available in packs with OR without pages! Details. #CreatingwithKaraDavies #CTMH #pocketscrapbooking #news
Hubs turned 33 on Thursday. The rest of the extended family wasn't available on the day so we had pizza cake and ice cream on Saturday instead. Birthday cake baked and decorated by me with stuff in my cupboard here at home.

That was my week.

What have you been up to?

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