When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Saturday, September 06, 2014


Instafriday, long edition. :) I'm @MamaJillaroo.

So, we've been home for 3 weeks now. Jetlag is gone, it's technically Spring here in SEQ and it's still cold in our house. Brrrr!

While we were away, our land lords (aka Mum & Dad) went to town on our place. We have nuisance trees in our back yard (wrong type for our location) and the major ones were cut down. It's a bit naked looking now! They also tidied up our back yard bricks and made it all a bit brighter. Thanks Mum and Dad!
Being away for nearly a month, in someone elses house, made me long to cook and get back to my own kitchen. After church we made something for lunch and then I did a fresh batch of Jiffy cornbread (US expats holla!) and topped it with homemade chili and shredded cheese. Zomg. SO good.
Two days back from our trip and I'm back at work for a Brissie Consultant Fun Day. I used my new Birthday/Christmas present and had fun embossing cardstock.
A nice day outside = using our outdoor dining table and chairs for a change. How novel!
August 19th Day of Hope. My mother's group held a special prayer flag morning tea in observance.
Family dinner at my inlaw's house = very cold. Long sleeves, long pants, socks, slippers, a hoodie and a blanket. Still cold!
PB&J on shop bought white bread. Is anything more satisfying when you're trying to conquer jetlag?
Yup, more cornbread and chili. We just can't get decent cornmeal here in Australia so we import this dry mix as much as possible. Don't judge. Some things just aren't worth the hassle of making from scratch.
Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to my baby brother Ethan and my first Gillette sister Drea!
Our local shops have been doing quite a bit of renovating and expanding. I was out printing flyers for my business and this was quite different from when I was here last.
Giggle when you see it. ;)
Well whaddaya know? I found me another new dress. This floaty lil number is really quite comfortable and just the right length. I've already worn it twice!
So, a mate accidentally broke my Villeroy and Boch newwave coffee cup last Wednesday. On Sunday she surprised me with a gift card to replace it. I checked after my job interview (which was unsuccessful) and couldn't find a suitable replacement so I had afternoon tea with my card instead. Thank you Esther! I felt very much like a little girl having a tea party sitting at the coffee bar in my new dress having my coffee and scone with jam and cream!
Baby snuggles with my new niece. <3 A mini album capturing meeting lil miss C for the first time? Priceless.
Errands = coffee. It was a bit warmer out today than I had expected so an icy cold sweet coffee was just the ticket.
My new flyer has made it into the display case at my local shops. To quote a mate's lil boy, I'm "famous".
Jelly trying to escape. Poor jelly.

What have you been up to?

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