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It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

InstaFriday - Lego heavy

Alrighty, time for InstaFriday again!

After Bible study, a mate and I wandered through the behemoth known as the big blue box of swedish origins (aka my former employer) looking through the Christmas section. I required two bags of cinnamon rolls before we left. Cinnamon roll. Butter. Need I say more?
Running a small business from my home means I needed to take stock of what I had in the way of cardstock. Is there anything prettier than a file full of cardstock sorted in ROYGBIV order? I think not.
Yes it's only September, but Christmas is coming and I have to prepare my business for the season. A trial version of my Advent Calendar is a necessity.
International Talk Like A Pirate Day Eve. Packing our bags for the Lego bonanza coming up, coffee and cinnamon rolls required. Arrrrrrgh!
Heading off to the Gold Coast for the weekend as the Official Photographer of Minotaur Bay. Needed a pretty necklace. Changed up my base & bling, and boom. This pretty. Feathers, bronze, mint, silver, sparkles, and a bow. Love!
As we boarded the first bus of our weekend travel down the coast, this sign greeted us. And the driver was in full blown pirate regalia. Piratitude done right.
I don't know what's worse. The grammar or the use of comic sans on all the QR train platforms!
One happy Lego head. My husband, the AFOL. That's a real thing, AFOL. Also note the subject matter of this shirt. ;)
One bus, two trains, another bus = we arrived down the Goldie. We checked into our hotel then hubby went off in pursuit of his Lego set up at GCCEC. I unpacked our bags, got our room set up, went to the grocery store, found starbucks, got coffee, got groceries, walked back to our hotel, got the kitchen set up, then found the GCCEC and assisted with Lego mania.
I really wanted to get this unique bright Starbucks tumbler but passed on it.
Sunset while walking back to our hotel. Beautiful!
Home for the next 2 days. Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center. Yes I spell stuff the American way still.
I walked in and thought "Holy F--- that's a lot of Lego!" Hubby was well underway with setting up his exhibit Minotaur Bay. I assisted with the handing out of minifigs and general fetching of bits and pieces. The event organizers shouted us all pizza for dinner. We spent about 5 hours setting up everything before leaving for the night.
I even got my own name badge! "Volunteer" aka "I need a cuppa, can you Lego sit? I need lunch, I need water refilled, I need a coffee, can you get me a refill?"
Saturday morning dawned bright and early. A quick breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast was needed before we hit the lego madness. Hubby left before I did. I made an absolutely neccessary stop at Starbucks before I headed in. Iced venti extra carmel carmel macchiato please!
When I arrived outside GCCEC Hall 4, at 9:03am, the line to get in was to the back of the barricades we set up. When I checked outside the hall at 11am, the line stretched all the way back to well past Hall 1! Holy moly.
And now, I give you Minotaur Bay, as built by my AFOL husband Glenn.
I dubbed myself the Official Photographer of Minotaur Bay and took the following photos while Glenn was busy explaining his exhibit to all the patrons.
I needed some quiet and space away from all the crazy loud kids and adults so I retreated to the exhibition office for a cuppa. While I was in there I got to charge up my phone and order some much needed CWKD address labels! Vistaprint to the rescue.
Back to Minotaur Bay...
After the show closed for the day, we heard that numbers were 4500 people through the door. After a bit of buy/sell/trade, we all headed out for dinner at The Oasis. We settled on Madisons and I had a H.U.G.E. plate of very spicy nachos. (The cafe has an odd order of nachos: plate, beans, chips, cheese, salsa, sour cream. Chips should be the base with beans on top!)
You can see my plate of nachos here. Huge!
Husband and I after we finished our meals and before we ordered dessert!
One of the other AFOLs ordered a chocolate mouse for dessert. He's disecting it!
Glenn and I couldn't decide between mouse cake and mud cake so we ordered both, cut each in half and split a piece.
After we polished off these yummy cakes, we walked back to our hotel to settle in for the night. I showered and changed into my jammies before making a cuppa and settling in for a bit of a read while the NRL finals was on.
We slept in a bit on Sunday. Glenn ran off to GCCEC while I stayed behind to tidy our room and pack everything up. We both wore blue shirts (mine plain to help blend in as exhibition staff) and I put on my new coffe cup earrings. I sent him a text when I was about to leave the hotel and he came back to check out. Instead of walking to the convention center, we took the G:Link tram. GTRAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!
Day 2 of Lego mania and the crowds were back.
Free lunch for exhibitors and volunteers at The Gold Coast Brick Event. Chicken nuggets, chippies, and a raspberry fanta slushy. Yum. I like free lunch! 4 hours to go and I was legoed.out.
There were plenty of cameras out over the weekend. I decided to put up this lil number.
After the show shut on Sunday, we got the final numbers. 4500 on Saturday, 5500 on Sunday. 10,000 people through the doors! We packed up everything and had a group photo taken. Mum and Dad drove us then to our niece's house for her 4th birthday party. (She's 4. Wow.) I didn't get any photos taken of the cake but it was impressive. Rainbow cake!

Monday dawned and my package arrived at the post office. Mum and I stopped there before heading to our monthly fun day at The Carson Room. I finally had a chance to test out an idea for one of my cardmaking workshops. How cute is this?
Husband surprised me with a new book. The last in this series, yay!
While getting some photos printed at Harvey Norman, I wandered the shops and was VERY happy to see this lil beauty!
I bought Evan a new lil pinwheel. Will have to get one for big sister Julia too.
We're also now able to shop at a new ALDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *housewifehappydance*
I got home and was still hungry after dinner so I made myself a pb&j. Heaven.
I'm trying to drum up new customers for my business, and to inspire my current customers to try something new.
This is my example using the challenge colors. Pretty cute if you ask me!
I came up with this variant of the same design idea. Have to keep my design options open!
I needed to print off some more photos for my current project. I took a wander after they were printed. Still taking in all the sights of the new shops.
That is SO cheap for a mani pedi in Australia! O.o

Footy finals = sausages for tea...
And a bit of pocket scrapbooking, Picture My Life style. ;)

That was my week.

What have you been up to?

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