When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

InstaFriday time yet again

What have you been up to this week? Welcome to my world in all its instaglory. I'm Mamajillaroo if you want to follow along.

It's winter here in SEQld and it's cold. Now I come from cold country (PNW) and this is cold for me! So cold that I've busted out the little heater that's been hiding in my linen cupboard.
Hubby was away being an AFOL (look it up, it's a thang) and this is what I got up to while he was out! COFFEETABLETAKEOVERTIME!!!!!!!!
Catching up on some home shopping (because, I can), future planning for my business (shameless self plug!), and coffee. Bachelorette-ing it up.
What's for dinner? Easy cheap stuffs. Sausages and soup. Hot, tasty, and filling. Parbaked rolls, soup from a packet, and sausages from Woolies. Served on my wedding china. Classy stuff, I know.
This hubby doing his Lego stuffs. I'm a lego widow.
Ah, church. I <3 it. My new home church here in Oz is just so right. So cozy. Rock up in footy gear and boardies and no one bats an eye. My ears perked up when this song came up on screen. It's one of my faves. :) A newer song that sounds and feels like a well worn well loved hymn.
Easy warming lunch after church? Check. Sausages, egg, and cheese on toast. So good!
Afternoon tea time, have yogurt in fridge. Must. Make. Smoothie.
Hubby got back from his AFOL weekend away and I let him have the computer while I sorted out some layout designs.
Monday morning, bright and early, some soccer thing finished. Hubby went to collect a package at the post office. This was inside!
Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday. Business launch night for new upcoming catalog. Hands on business and product training from one of our Utah based corporate VPs. Picture time! This was last year.
Grabbing some photo prints and a cuppa before meeting Mum at the bus station. Breaking in my new Kate Hill bag (for both upcoming weddings).
Off to the city, Mum was delayed a bit so I headed in on my own. And got a job interview call while on the bus. The interview was for the next morning. Um, calling the night before is leaving it a bit too late in my book! I had to turn the lady down. I already had my Wednesday all booked out. :/ :(
Lovely night for a walk across the river. Love this town.
Here we go, the Brisbane Product Premiere and New Product Launch Night! The speaker for the night is our fabulous Monica Wihongi.
Monica's collection of selfies from the night.
New project using new products!
I love this company. Such a good fit and so much fun to work with! A walk back across the river and a bus ride home for some very tired scrappers.
A lady from my church sends me goodies in the mail. This came this week.
More shameless self plugs for my business.
I posted off my voting registration. In Oz, voting is mandatory. I disagree with that. When I don't like *any* of the candidates or parties running, I choose to use my voice and say "No, I don't like any of you, I'm not wasting my vote by picking someone I don't like or agree with. I'm not voting." That's not an option down here. You *must* show up at a polling place. You *must* get your name marked off the list. You *must* cast your vote. Or get slapped with a fine. I do not like that.
More smoothie time. Then opening my new order package!
Got my new Annual Inspirations book spiral bound. On the way to the office shop, this sign was out front. Someone didn't think it through.....
After a dinner at a new lady's house last night, I dove into this bag of meringes from my new buddy Esther. They taste like brown sugar! Yumz!
What have you been up to?

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