When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I am a Queenslander

Wednesday is my little boy's 4th birthday. 
The same day as Cameron Smith and @b1slater's birthdays. The same day as #StateofOrigin2014 Game II. I may not be an official Australian until June 24, yet I am a #QUEENSLANDER. The first Australian port I entered as a married woman? Brisbane. Where do I live and make my home? Logan City. Where was my daughter #JuliaRose *and* my son #EvanRiley conceived, carried, birthed, and buried? Logan. Through joys and sorrows in nearly 7 years of living here, I am a #QUEENSLANDER. #GoMaroons #WinLoseOrTieIBleedMaroonTilIDie


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