When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Life lately

It's been a bit crazy here over the last week and a half. God is good. This is a deeper post than I thought I was going to write. Bear with me. God is teaching me new things!

-On the 10th I spent a lovely long day with my Brisbane sister consultants. A day full of show & tell, business training, good food, laughter, and scrapbooking time. It was a happy day and I needed it.
Doing more of what I love. Finding my happy.
Proudly showing off my creations.
-On the 11th I was informed that I was no longer employed by Ikea. Things were ended surprisingly, and not on my terms. That hurts. (It also threw my plans for the year completely out the window.) My good friend J swept me up after I got the news and shouted me coffee. She didn't know what to say to try and make me feel better. Sometimes just being there is enough. And it was enough.
A cuppa really does soothe the nerves after bad news.
My husband insisted on me going to a Star Wars trivia night in the Valley at a hipster bar with him and some mates. (Please note that my husband is not a hipster, nor are his mates. Far from it!)
Husband and James (on the left) before the trivia kicked off.
-On the 12th I went to ScarletLoves (my church's Wednesday morning ladies Bible study group). After a few changes of plans, J's friend P picked me up. As we caught up on the ride to church, the matter of funding my citizenship application came up in conversation.

After Bible study finished, P excused herself to make a phone call. On the way home she said she needed to stop by the bank to do some errands. That's cool with me!
One of the many beautiful trees outside my church. Beautiful.
(Whoever has the keys makes the rules.) When P came back to the car she sat down and handed me a stack of cash. The exact amount I needed to apply for citizenship! She said she'd prayed about it, called her husband to confirm it, and told me it was "a love gift". Seriously?! Major blessing of God, right there! I had a need, P heard and acted on it. She didn't have to do that. She could have said "I hope you get a job soon". But she didn't. She heard, she prayed, she obeyed God's prompting.

-On the 13th I returned my uniforms and my security tags. I walked out of the staff area and shut the door behind me. I took a deep breath as a free woman. I then walked in the front door as a customer. I found my friends that were working that day and said my goodbyes. I ended the working relationship with them on my terms. I continued the friendships. And it felt good. I left feeling good. That's a good thing in my book.

I rushed to Spotlight to see if my friend K was working. She was! During a lull, I caught her up on life as of late and she was in tears and getting goosebumps. God is good my friends!
Goodbye yellow uniform and 15% staff discount.
I then got to the bank and deposited the application fee from P before heading home. I slept well. A huge weight lifted from my chest.

-For the 14th, we had creamy chicken curry with rice for dinner and snuggled while watching The Notebook. Simple, sweet, cheap, totally us.
It was supposed to be butter chicken. I doctored it up a bit. ;)
-On the 15th, I scrapbooked. Then headed to my sister-in-law's for dinner. Cue the Wasp Bite Incident. See previous post for pictures of that encounter.

-Over the weekend I was collecting documents to support my application for citizenship. Scanning them. Getting everything prepared so I could file.

-On the 18th I ventured out to Officeworks to print my documents and to see if they did passport photos. I brushed my hair nicely and put on a slick of mascara and lippy. I get to the print & copy desk and wait my turn. Everything got printed, my photos got taken (6 for $9.95!), and my new menu got laminated. One stop shop! I got home, reshowered and dressed, just in the nick of time. Our JP friend M arrived and notarized all our paperwork. We <3 our JP! I scanned in all my signed papers and realized that my fee was $20 more than I thought it was. :(
Note the difference in passport photos. Aussie requirements = no smiling. Boo.
-On the 19th, J picked me up for Bible study. I have *never* felt the Holy Spirit's presence so strongly before as I did then. God showed up, big time! I cannot describe the feeling. I just knew God was there with us.

I got an answer to a decision I had to make soon. I had the chance to file a legal claim for being made redundant. It just didn't sit well with me. I decided I'm not going to bother with it. And I have peace about my decision.

(I'm still not happy about being made redundant from my job. I'm allowed to be angry for a while, I'm not allowed to stay angry. There is a difference. What's happened has happened. I'm trusting that something bigger and better is out there for me.)

I also saw a Scripture (Psalm 22:8) that I thought was for another sister in group that morning. I got up, crossed the room, I sat down and I shared it with her. (This is something I never ever would have done in previous Bible study groups!) My soul screamed "I understand! I have to let her know that I understand her situation" as she spoke.
I'm learning what God's voice sounds like and when to act on what He's prompting me to do. It's very powerful stuff, folks. Very powerful.

I'm learning to make my requests known through prayer and to hear His answers. I'm learning, right alongside my sisters in Scarlet.

J dropped me off at home afterwards and I was exhausted. I've not been so wiped out yet so full after a Bible study. A very strange feeling. My other ladies also felt the same after our group encounter with God. (We're going through Psalm 23. We are on verse two.)

My husband got home finally and we had dinner. I fell asleep on the couch waiting for my shot at the computer. I woke up a bit later and I put through my application for citizenship. All information filled in, all document files attached, payment accepted. The waiting begins!

Oh yeah, after frantically messaging my mom about getting certified copies of our marriage license, she gets a couple copies from downtown and mails them out express. After leaving work early to do so. This all happened between 4&6am Aussie time. Before I left to go to Scarlet. (She may drive me absolutely batty but she always comes through for me.) THANK YOU MOM!!! The copies will arrive with plenty of time to spare. *whew*

-I made some edits on wedding invitations I'm designing for my brother Erik's wedding, and sent them off to his fiancee Rachel (my newest sister-in-law-to-be) for approval. It's been nice getting to know her through this as I haven't actually met her yet! I'm one of her bridesmaids and I won't be meeting her until 4-5 days before her wedding! I'm honored to be asked as a member of their bridal party, and to design their invitations. They are gonna be *absolutely stunning* once finished!

Grocery shopping was my main focus though on the 20th. Being on one income instead of two is hard. Moreso when we both have big ticket items to pay for right now! My pay normally covers our food bill plus my own phone credit plus funding my business Creating with Kara Davies. It's a stretch to make all ends meet on one income. After getting the bare minimum of groceries needed to feed us these next two weeks, I was nearly at my budget. Holy moly!
I made pizza out of Turkish rolls and a little bit of salami and bacon for our dinner. (I see a lot of baked beans on toast for breakfasts here til next payday.) While eating dinner we watched Miracle, the 1980s Olympics team USA hockey movie. Husband then introduced me to Carcassonne and I won. I really don't like how the city tiles don't make pretty cities. It's messing with my sense of symmetry! It bugs me.
I have renamed these meeples "minions".
-Today the 21st was pretty tame.
I checked my email and got a notification of my citizenship appointment/test date! March 20 at 11:20am! Woohoo!!! I was hoping for an earlier date, however this works for me! A date I can prepare for!
After a brunch of eggs toast sausages and baked beans, I caught up with my business blog and fb page.
Seriously, I'm desperate for new customers. If you're a pocket scrapbooker, please buy one of these from my shop. $25AUD and it fits not only PictureMyLife cards, but also project life cards!
I chatted to friends, and eventually headed out for my self planned "farewell dinner drinkies" event. Husband, me, and a guy from husband's department showed up. We had a nice dinner at Grill'd Garden City (mini burger *chicken licken'* is my new fave) and parted ways to catch our buses home.
Turns out I can make a super strong homemade mocha frappucino. Too strong for my husband's tastebuds. Just right for me! (More milk or sugar next time.) A small splash of Bailey's in mine was delightful. We caught up on Castle and called it a night.

You're now all up to date with life here for us in Oz. :) God has provided for me in my time of need, God has blessed me with a circle of women in Scarlet, He's given me peace about my decisions. I've applied for my Australian citizenship. (I can have dual citizenships.)

Now to brush off ye olde resume and start the job hunt in earnest. Retail/customer service/cashiering is what I know best. I'm in serious need of funds to pay for flights, a bridesmaid's dress with shoes to match, food for my family, and to keep my business afloat for the next quarter.

I don't know how it's all gonna go down, yet I know it'll happen.  

God provides, peeps. God provides!

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