When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Paul & Bianca

Our good mates Paul and Bianca got married yesterday in a lovely Anglican Baptist Filipino blended ceremony in a cathedral in NSW. A stinkin hot day, sunny and clear, in Bianca's hometown. Mum and Dad picked up Glenn and I in the morning and we made the 2 hour plus trip down the coast to Lismore, NSW. I brought along leftover pizza, hot cross buns, ice water and cold Cokes for the trip. We arrived at our hotel just around 1, got settled, changed and made our way to the church.
We arrived and found our seats, and a churchman was plugging in fans every few pews. The groom and groomsmen arrived and took their places at the front of the church. Due to some issues beforehand, the ladies were a bit late to arrive. The bells rang when she rolled up. (I have a thing for church bells.)
I tried to get them in focus.
The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. A perfect blend of Anglican, Baptist and Filipino traditions. The happy couple and their bridal party took off after a quick reception in the church hall for photos. Glenn and I headed out in search of $1 frozen cokes at Hungry Jack's with the Peters. We got frozen raspberry fantas instead.
 Or, you get a mango sundae AND a frozen raspberry fanta. It was that hot. High 30s - 40s C. Yowza.

The reception was held at the bride's parents home under a lovely marquee. Absolutely stunning! Cocktail and canape hour was great. The potato sweet corn turkey relish thingies were sooooooooooooo good. We were seated at Table 10 with a good crew of friends.
After cocktail hour had finished, we all found our seats and the MC announced the bridal party. Appetizers were served, mains followed, the usual speeches (Paul's had most of the room in tears) and dessert. Fantastic evening out in the country!

It was such a beautiful day witnessing these two become a new family and celebrating well into the night. Congratulations P&B! Many blessings upon you both!

We saw the happy couple off (after a last dance on the floor -hey macarena!- which I had to join in) and headed back to our hotel. This morning we packed up and had a bit of a road trip along the coast before heading home. Several stops at various heads, points, lookouts, beaches and lighthouses, then we had lunch at a fish and chip shop. We crossed the border back in to QLD a bit later and were on our way home.


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