When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

My birthday

I'm now one year in to the thirties. Booyah. I don't feel older. I do feel very blessed.

Hubby and I watched all of Sherlock Season 1 and finished the last espisode just after 12:31am. I made toast.
This was my birfday shenanigans last year. Aragorn and Arwen.
Last drink of 30. Girly pink guava soda. Quite nice. Would be good cut with some ginger ale.
It's my birfday and that means I'm wearing my hat!
Homemade honey oatmeal bread toasted with peanut butter and honey.
Yup, I was born at 12:31am 12/23. Night owl baby! ;)
My request for breakfast in bed (a cup of coffee and a slice of peanut butter toast) was denied. Hubby woke up with a headache. (Toughen up cupcake.) I made my own coffee, got ready and headed to Garden City's The Coffee Club to meet Susan (church friend). She shouted me a flat white (y.u.m.) and conversation. She also gifted me a lovely little gratitude book. How thoughtful! :D
Mint, balloon, gold foil edging. <3 <3 <3
When your birthday is Christmas Eve Eve, you're allowed to make a fuss of yourself.
New origami owl necklace and new ElisabethAshlie earrings. Thanks Mom! #spoiled
I shopped around a bit trying to find last minute Christmas gifts. I succeeded mostly.
Pretty decorations in Garden City.
A quick run into a jewelry shop just to see the shinies on offer and I spotted this... and seriously contemplated getting it for my husband.
I caught a bus home and got our dining table cleared off, my Creating with Kara Davies supplies all put away, and made my birthday cake. My brother in law stopped by to pick up our dining chairs. Mum was borrowing them for Christmas Day. Glenn ordered pizza for our late lunch/early dinner. I had a shower and changed, made my cake's frosting, ate my pizza and set our table for cake and drinks.
Eagle Boys pizza! Only the best.
Gifts and cards on display.
3 out of 4 Tassies
Hubby, Mum, Nanni
Card from the Waterford Davies, cd from Mum.
Anyone for a cuppa?
We got some more cards in the mail.
Last piece of cake and custard.
Mum and Dad, Nanni, Uncle John, Aunt Trish and Cousin Rowie came over for birthday cake, custard and ice cream. This is the lovely bag Nanni gave me. I've used it several times already!
This came in the mail too. Hello Broncos!
Mum got me this lilac Burano lace scarf while she was in Italy.
I've been looking somewhat for a nice light scarf!
I like it. :)
After everyone left, hubby put on some Archer. Oh my word, so rudely amusing!


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