When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

InstaFriday, on Saturday!

More fun on the instagram front this week. :)
 #AdventCalendar #December7 Isaiah 49:26 Redeemer #Christmas #CreatingwithKaraDavies #ctmh #Offthepage "I will make your oppressors eat their own flesh, and they shall be drunk with their own blood as with wine. Then all flesh shall know that I am the Lord your Savior, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob." Isaiah 49:26 #NRSV

You'd think we're all coffee addicts at IKEA Logan... the claws do come out when the food service crew shuts this machine off at night.
December is a bit of a magical month for my husband and I. 8 years ago on December 9, 2005 we finally met in person after many months of online chattering. (These are all grabbed from google and my facebook albums, hence the grainy quality.)
8 years ago today I was very much counting down the hours and trying not to drive myself absolutely mental. Why? I was about to meet the love of my life the next night. In an old train station. On a cold Seattle night, hoping that my gut was right and he wasn't a creep. #oneDecember8yearsago
After 8 months of chatting online, via msn and aol instant messenger, email, Skype, letters in the mail and funny packages, we made plans to meet up in person. #oneDecember8yearsago
His train was late, by 3 hours. Mom drove me to #KingStreetStation and as we turned onto the block, I felt a kick in my gut like I'd only ever felt once prior. I knew this was a big thing that I was about to happen. Something that would change my life for better or worse. Finally, his train arrived and he saw me waiting in the station as he got to the platform. He came inside and boom, we met. And we knew, this was it. We'd found each other. All the crazy months of chatting, exchanging like stories, seeing if we were compatible, it was all true. #oneDecember8yearsago
There's no pictures of us at our first meeting as I instructed my mother to stay in the car until I had judged this character fully first. He wasn't a creep. He was handsome, funny, taller than me (YES!), absolutely Mr. Right With A Hot Aussie Accent. I texted my mom the all clear and she came in to the station. She saw Glenn, her eyes lit up and I knew she was ok with him. The next day we had our first date, downtown Seattle. #oneDecember8yearsago
Our first date, #oneDecember8yearsago
Over the course of the weekend Glenn was at my house, we had 60 hours together. We were awake for 52 of them. #longdistance means you pack a LOT into the time you have. #oneDecember8yearsago
After tearful goodbyes and longhaul Pacific flights for both of us, a year later, after recreating our first date, two bites into our anniversary dinner at my parents diningroom table.... Glenn got down on one knee. Asked me to be his wife. I said yes! The very next day, my first public act as a newly engaged woman, I was baptized in front of my parents, my grandmothers, my brothers and my best friend. This is from our celebratory lunch. #oneDecember7yearsago 8 years ago we finally met, in a cold Seattle train station, at 11pm. 8 years of crazy life together, in person. Many twists and turns, ups and downs. 8 years together. All because we took a chance. #somuchwin
What to do for lunch? Chicken pita pizza!
Mmmm, gooey cheese!
2 #Aldi pita bread, leftover basil spaghetti sauce, chopped up chicken breast tenders, garlic salt (just a smidge), parmesan and mozzarella cheeses. #ChickenPitaPizza #itswhatsforlunch
Our finished temporary stockings. Our regular stockings are absolutely buried in the garage. #Mamasgottadowhatmamasgottado #Christmas #stockings #CreatingwithKaraDavies #offthepage
Beef & honey sausages with brown onion gravy over garlic mashed potatoes. AKA bangers & mash. #yum
Our stockings hung on the curtain with care.
Julia's stocking has a rose for her middle name. Evan's has a toy soldier in a nod towards the baby doll on his real stocking.
Back to my normal #righthand #ring, my yellow gold with two itty bitty diamonds ring. Two diamonds for my son Evan, our second born child. #blingy #EvanRiley #Mamasboy #Imisshim
My second #OrigamiOwl necklace. All things I like. Books, cameras (photography), purple flowers, sparkly hearts, True, coffee, my initial K. I designed this one myself and my mom made it up for me as my early birthday present. :)
My first #OrigamiOwl necklace. My brother and sister-in-law got it for me Christmas 2012. Baby feet and birthstones for #JuliaRose and #EvanRiley, Mama (I am not mom, mommy, momma, mum, mumma, or mummy), and a mustard seed. #loveit
Cranking out goodies in my studio today.
The view outside my studio space today. Iced coffee waiting, about to crank up some #ChristmasMusic on Spotify, and make my international #ctmh #secretSanta her gifts! #CreatingwithKaraDavies #Christmas #gettinginky #QueenslandSun
Sporting my double baby butterfly necklace today from #TheMidnightOrange.
Latest #Christmas card design.
A cute little nutcracker card I made up.
Don't miss this first in best dressed Christmas Tag Sale! #CreatingwithKaraDavies #gifts #cards #secretSanta #treatbaskets
Nobody came. :( I tried!
Sneak peek at my last basket of the night. #CreatingwithKaraDavies #offthepage #Christmas #nutcracker
On Wednesday, Mum picked me up and we went out on some errands. Christmas shopping at Koorong, visiting Evan at the cemetery and leaving him his new Christmas goodies. Here Evan has his new Christmas tree and sparkles. We shared one with Riitta and a toy drum with Max. Sharing is caring, (but not when it comes to germs). #EvanRiley #GreatSouthern #Imisshim
After we left Evan his sparkles, I headed to the onsite office to meet the lady I'd been emailing. It was time to order big sister her marker. I waited for a few minutes and the lady showed up. I was shown into the room where we made Evan's arrangements and forgot the funny smell the room had. I had a chat with the lady and she asked Julia's name and went to go "retrieve her file". That sounded so official and made me happy. As we have no remains to interr, Julia has no file but it still made me happy. The process was pretty easy. I let her know what I wanted on the marker and showed her the mock up I'd made ages ago. We got ahold of my mom who paid for Julia's marker and we were all set. Mum stopped in and we walked up to the spot where I wanted it to go and a black and orange butterfly flitted around infront of me. I take that as a sign that Julia approves. :)

It is ordered and should be ready in early February. #JuliaRose #Imissher #babygirl
I made up this little chocolate filled paper box with gift tag. $2.50 #CreatingwithKaraDavies #ChristmasTagSale I hope it sells at a market tonight!
Today's baubles. Earrings by ElisabethAshlie -@k8_smallthings sister's gig- and my own designed @origamiowl necklace. Simples.
Wearing my new earrings. Thanks Mom! #earlyChristmasgift
These bad boys arrived yesterday in our Christmas box from my parents. I got a twin set of these glasses for my husband for Christmas. (Apparently my Evan ring scratched the LoTR glasses and they are on the verge of cracking... Oops.) #Thinkgeek #ftw.
I've been craving mac&cheese lately so I made fettucine alfredo from scratch. In my cast iron pot. Homemade fettucine alfredo. Y to the um. #housewifeyftw
Sneaky reflection #selfie on the bus to #GardenCity. #545 #summerinqld
Spotted Santa having a ball. #badumchhh

Shopping selfie. #becauseican Mascara and lippy only today.
I kid you not. This is on the ladies toilet wall at #GardenCity. How do you not laugh?!
My first wristwatch that I've bought in AGES. Who needs a watch when we all have cell phones!?
Sunset over our complex tonight. #nofilter #pretty
This just happened. Iced coffee + ice cream + a capful of #Bailey's. Mama got her booze on! (Photo from Google image search.)
 Aldi pizza for lunch. Pita, spaghetti sauce, a swirl of bbq sauce, salami, bacon, Italian sausage, sprinkling of parmesan and mozzarella cheeses. #yum #Aldi #latesummerlunch #lazysaturday
And finally, a shameless plug for my business.
11 days to go. Still time to order Christmas gifts! Just click Join on CreatingwithKaraDavies.ctmh.com.au and shop away. Remember, all orders placed by Dec 20 that are over $45 go into the drawing to win my prize basket! #CreatingwithKaraDavies #ctmh #stilltimetoshop

That's what I've been up to this week. @mamajillaroo

Til next week....
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