When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

InstaFriday again

It's instatime! All captured on my phone using insta filters. Catch me at @MamaJillaroo.

Sundays are traditional fish and chips for us. I can ring up our local fish and chip shop and instantly the staff know our order. "2 cod and chips, crumbed, chicken salt, no lemon. Any prawn cutlets or seafood salad this week?" Our local is run by a young lady, her auntie and uncle and another lady that I'm not sure how she's related to the crew. Gorgeous family and swift prompt service, week after week, even after 6.5 years of living here.
It's December and that means Christmas baking time! I started out with a batch of chocolate chip mint chip cookies. I used up the last of my vanilla, my 1/3 bar of chocolate and brown sugar. Just barely enough brown sugar! The cookies were made in a very hot kitchen on a very hot night so a chill in the fridge was necessary before baking.
Have you taken that mental age test that's been all over facebook lately? I did. Meh I say!
Every year my workplace throws a Christmas breakfast for staff to attend and bring their families to. The first one was in '06 when I was the family member attending (we'd just gotten engaged). I've only missed the 2010 breakfast as we were back in Seattle with my family for our first Christmas without Julia AND Evan. This year we made our way in to work on the 6:37 bus for a 7am start. That's way too early for me on a Monday no less so a big coffee was due.
Breakfast was lovely. One of our management team said it was ready and we could start lining up. You don't need to tell me twice! I was first in line unlike previous years where it was chock full at 6:45! Breakfast was a saffron bun, two hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, some meatballs, two sausages, two cinnamon rolls, and a cloudy apple juice. Yum.
*<vent>* After breakfast I wondered why my feet hurt. I look down to see fresh angry red ripped blisters on my heels. Ow! My day went downhill from there. After breakfast there were 5, 10, 25 year service awards being handed out. I thought maybe they'd have backdated my name from last year to this year. I waited patiently for all the names in the 5 year category and my name wasn't called. (I've been there for 6 years.) I asked later and was told that "the system skipped over some people, we'll check it out asap!". *Day going even more downhill.* Our company is usually pretty good at staff Christmas gifts. The last 4 years straight we've been gifted with a gift card to a local department store/grocery store chain. That's ended up being my grocery budget for the rest of the month. Christmas is an expensive time of year and with limited work/pay, this grocery gift card has been a Godsend! Yes, we're a family of four minus two but we have extended family worldwide. Postage for ANYTHING is horrendously expensive. This year our staff gift is -in my opinion- not that great. A gift card to our store plus a backpack, a thermos and a fleece blanket. ? Some staff loved it, others were less than impressed. I've since found uses for the items that I'll not be needing regifting to those that can use them but it would REALLY have been a good idea to warn us that we weren't getting the gift we thought we were going to get. Kinda ruins my plans yo!

The final straw in my day going downhill was my secret Santa not attending the breakfast. After everyone had gotten their staff gifts, my department headed to a different room for our secret Santa swap. Mine wasn't there so I walked out without a surprise gift. I got home and went back to bed. Nothing else I could do would improve upon the morning so sleep was my only option. I woke up at 3 in the afternoon, in a slightly better mood. Coworkers that might be reading this: if you liked the gift we got this year, good for you. I didn't. Doesn't mean I'm not grateful for it, just means I didn't like it. And I'm allowed to say so. *</end of venting>*

One of my mummy friends was there so I gifted her this little chocolate bag I decorated and made. She liked it. :)
GooglePlay. I'd like to use the book and magazine reader apps found on my new phone. Why do you need payment details for a freebie?! #ScamArtists....
I'm making a list of supplies I want and need for my next order. Want in on it? Get in quick before WSL and Limited items disappear.
Family dinner at mum and dad's. First one in ages!
Baking season again. Cookies? Not enough butter or brownsugar or eggs. Bread? That I can do! Two loaves in fact! Muzak for the day? RelientK.
After baking bread, washing dishes, listening to RelientK, it was time for dinner. What to do on clean out the fridge night? Make fried rice. Doesn't work so well in a cast iron pot though. Eggs took forever to scrub off!
Creepy guys on the bus that follow you to your next bus stop? Time to put some music on and distance yourself. A slew of rather loud Demon Hunter and some Owl City did the trick. Kept me occupied until the bus came. The creepy was still on the bus as I got off at my stop so I was good til I got home.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my week.

Til next week....
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