When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Pretty boring here on the instafront. Here we go. @mamajillaroo is my feed.

Using my wedding china for leftovers? You betcha. Baked beans, burger with gouda cheese and bbq sauce, plus turkish bread toast. YUM.
Soft Toy Month is back at work. That means faerie wings. Heck yeah I'll wear faerie wings at work! I really should knock up a flower crown to go with them....
More cardmaking late at night sessions here. I blame the spring heatwave/storm season and #RLWC2013 games for my utter lack of sleep and thrown off sleep schedule.
I'm selling my cards at a local handmade market. Logan Art Galleries Nov 23 10-4pm. Come see Creating with Kara Davies and more of my team's gorgeous work.
Watching home shopping (they were selling Waterford crystal) and using my wedding china for my cuppa. And cutting up papers and cardstock for bases. Why not? BTW, this fiskars trimmer is the bomb diggity. And these micro tip nonstick scissors. Holy Hannah am I in love!
Too lazy to cook dinner? No problem. Baked beans on parmesan onion sourdough toast it is. #toolazytocook
Three more cards to add to my sell pile. I'm in a groove here, what can I say?
This one is for a friend's baby Ainsleigh. Welcome baby girl!
Mother's group. Oh how I love my mother's group at SIDS & Kids QLD! :D I get to sit and chat with other mummies, nibble on yummies and snuggle chunkalunky new babies. And get chewed on by two of them. I think that means they like me? ;) Alternating months are talking and scrapbooking. One of the ladies is a Stampin Up lady (contraband!) and she designs a page for everyone to make. Since my babies albums are finished I'm just playing with the pages. I do quite like this one she gave us to do. I'll add a picture of us and our Christmas tree or something, then frame it as a decoration.
Yup, you guessed it. More of my cards for sale. These are $2.50-3.50 each.
French toast is a bit of an obsession here lately. Especially when made using turkish bread from Aldi. Nomnomnom is an understatement. This was my breakfast while watching New Zealand v Scotland's quarter final game. I <3 me some rugby league! Living on a frakkin huge south Pacific island, I found the many different war dances and hakas quite amusing to watch. Check out this New Zealand v Samoa clip.
My scrapping space as of late. Infront of the tv, on my coffee table and footstool. Bring it.
Spring and Summer means storm season here in QLD. We've had some wacky weather the last week or so. It doesn't look stormy in this picture above but it was. Check out what my front yard looked like yesterday afternoon. Dark clouds rolling in...
...and it was super sunny in my backyard. What gives? I want rain!
Last one for this post. Slicing potatoes for dinner? Mandoline bit my finger. Owwww. But, it didn't bleed. Bonus.

Til next week....
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