When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

InstaFriday two days late

This is my first InstaFriday actually using pictures from my instagram feed! I'm @mamajillaroo if you want to follow along with me.
Why hello self on the cover of the 2014 IKEA catalog...
Traditional Sunday dinner of fish and chips? Yes please.
Monday brought FunDay training with Susan. We were supposed to make a name tag to bring with us. I made this up on the spot.
Sausage and cheese quiche for tea.
Happy birthday to my brother Erik! Card also made during FunDay.
Spring has arrived with a vengeance. Let the annual blister inducing sandal wearing begin.
Sliced Colby + hummus + bbq rice crackers = perfect afternoon tea.
This was an excellent batch of bangers and mash.
You bet I reinstagrammed this! #teamjilly
I've been wanting a label maker for ages. Hello new toy!
Groceries on a budget? Yup.
Aldi haul. The mini Copperpot dips are fab.
I shall call it my cricket bat even though I hate cricket.
These don't look like earrings I'd wear. They look like boobs to me.
Ice cold Coca Cola. Yes ma'am!
Good onya AusPost!
American friends are never allowed to complain about drinks prices EVER again.
A really cute clock that'd fit in *perfectly* in our nursery... but I shall not buy it until I'm pregnant again.
I really think my front porch needs this cutie.
After a haircut, I stopped in to Priceline (local drugstore chain) for a gold coin donation makeover. This is the result. Pretty, yes. Doable for a wedding or event? Very. For every single flippin day? Totally not me. I like the eye shadow and the lippy but the foundation, blush and brow color are just not for me.
Quick lunch from the deli at Woolworths.
Stubby holders work to keep your Mudslide Mocha cold!
My new work shirt. Pretty snazzy if I say so myself.
And this is my normal look. Black mascara and strawberry softlips. Nothing else.
While picking up my new shirt I made a trip to Rivers and scored these puppies. SO COMFY! And a pair of these for my big feet.
Current song I've got stuck in my head. #notyouraveragemetalhead I blame my husband for this. ;)
My sunnies bit the dust. Teh sadness. :(

That's all the instas I've got for the week.

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