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Sunday, July 21, 2013

July so far part 3 - Instafriday

This week had some historic events happen.

Queensland won State of Origin for the 8th year in a row. QUEENSLANDER!

CTMH scheduled an event launch in Brisbane for the night 3rd game of Origin 2013. Oh hell no, I'm not going and missing my Origin without wearing Queensland colors! I popped on my Reaver Red and Shiny eyeshadows and a maroon/yellow shirt and headed out for an evening of stamping and cardmaking and scrapbooking.
My VIP and I made our way in to the city and found parking then walked to the hotel. We found our room and checked in, made ourselves a cuppa and found a spot to sit. Over the course of the evening, we learned about the history of CTMH, met the US Executive team, heard the business opportunities and played with the products. Woohoo!
Our tickets said a free gift up to the value of $15. This is the pile we received. One of the girls worked it out to be $48 value! For 370 people in the Brisbane event? That's a TON of money spent!
Monica Wihongi
The card example.
My card!
Susan, Brian and Dianne
The page layout we had to work from.
Me and the adorable Monica Wihongi.
I didn't get a picture taken until I got home.
And now for the biggie. Our friend C invited us to her brother's bar in the Valley, Crowbar. This isn't your ordinary bar in your city's "clubbing district". This is a metal bar. C picked me up and we got to go in via the back door. (That's so metal.) Glenn was already in the city and met us at the front door. C's brother is part owner and let us in for free (woohoo!). He also comped us some drinks. He didn't have to do that. At all.

Not wanting to stick out, I went with my trusty Sudden But Inevitable and made up an eye look to go with my gray jeans, black shirt and black fleece.
Driving over the Story Bridge all lit up in maroon.
Current offerings at Crowbar.
Aww, aren't we cute?
Three lil metalmite.
Glenn is quite miffed that he missed seeing Oh Sleeper!
 Oh yeah, parking out back and using the staff only door. ;) After the bar staff said they'd be closing up in an hour or so we decided to leave and head home. As is Glenn's tradition, we hit up Springwood Macca's for a late night snack. C dropped us at home and I was impressed that my eye color was still on.

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