When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

InstaFriday link up

Since I've missed a couple InstaFridays, I'm recapping June in one post. It's gonna be lotsa photos, fair warning.

While out shopping I spied this rug. I thought it might work in our living room to tie our black brown furniture, gray curtains, black sofas and red footstool together. So far all I've done is look at it.
A new favorite around here is the board game Ticket To Ride. We got it as a Christmas present and it is very addicting! We can crank out 3-4 games after dinner and before bed. Hubby wrote about it yesterday. I'll leave it to him to explain. Btw, B&BG is "blokes and board games" a monthly get together with some mates.
While in the shower afterwork, this happened. Ouch.
Emo panda eyes!
June 3rd saw us heading to the XXXX Alehouse for a private function, exclusive to our level of Brisbane Broncos season ticket holders. Free drinks, free food, the chance to meet and chat with two players and psych up for the game against the NZ Warriors. I won tickets earlier this season for a game and we took Mum and Dad. Hubby's workmates were a bit offended that we didn't offer them the tickets. Family comes first, then mates. ;) We told them next time we had freebies, they were getting first dibs. Hubby won two tickets to this game so the guys came with us.
Ben Hannat and Dale Copley, both injured and not playing this night.
James Squire Four Wives Pilsner
Glenn, MrKus, Craisi and me.
The boys with Ben Hannant. (He's huge! Remind me never to run into him in a dark alley.)
XXXX Fanatics Richie & Jillaroo
MrKus & Craisi (Markus and Craig)
Craisi's attempt at a group selfie.
After the function ended, the lot of us walked over to the stadium for the game. We. Got. Thrashed. Ouch.
Glenn taking pictures of the Kiwi team.
Craisi, Richie & MrKus
 The game ended and we walked to The Paddo to use the rest of our beer vouchers. The boys drank them, I didn't. Clubs and pubs after a game just aren't my thing. I like music on and a good drink but not that loud. :p
Our well used beer vouchers.
 Its State of Origin time here in Queensland. Maroon is EVERYWHERE. GO QUEENSLAND!
This ad is outside our local shops.
The last two chocolate covered custard filled doughnuts? I'll take em! Doughnuts are expensive here. Many a Sunday morning I've wished I could go to Safeway or Albertsons and get a dozen variety for a few bucks. This baby? $2.40. For one doughnut. Ouch.
Beautiful sunset on my way home.
This is what happens when you peel back a hang nail and rip into your nail bed. OWWWWWW!
State of Origin, Game 1 at our house. An excuse to wear my red (Reaver Red) and yellow (Shiny) eyeshadows from Espionage Cosmetics! Oh yeah, and I decorated the house super quick after work, while setting out nibblies and baking. I am SuperHousewifey!
I know my brows need attention, this was a week before my next appointment! Don't judge.
We lost. NSW one the battle but they have NOT WON THE WAR!

In other news... more Ticket To Ride was played.
 Stiching was done.
 Cheap breakfasts at work were eaten.
 Delish spread was eaten.
 Menus were planned.
 And pictures of flowers were taken.
 And after a very stressful, strenuous wait, the news was announced. Close To My Heart Australasia is launching in July. At 3pm-ish, the contracts were signed. The news was announced. Much rejoicing and questioning and answering. That night we got to see some samples and hear more detail and get questions answered by Susan W.  
Btw, the contracts were signed while she was in the air flying up from Sydney to Brisbane!
The samples being up up for display.
 And finally, a sneaky peeky of the Chantilly Collection from Close To My Heart.

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