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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

End of an era

Reposted from my twitter:

Tonight, 6/10/2013, my nearly 5 year career with #CreativeMemoriesAU comes to an end. #sadtoseeitgo #itsbeenagoodride #bringonplanb

Reposted from my twitter feed posted on facebook:

Due to some dodgy (in my opinion) behavior on the US side of things, the US parent company declared bankruptcy and stopped all shipments of product to Australia indefinitely. No product for Aussies and Kiwis meant that our business would fail and become insolvent (when we had been perfectly fine with our cashflow and everything). As a result, CM Australasia went into Voluntary Administration to sort things out. The first administrators were sacked and a new bunch brought in. After their investigations, it was decided that the company be wound up and ended. The demand in Australia and New Zealand is too great so we went and made our own plan that we're calling Plan B. Our former Cm Australasia president has been working feverishly to get this new plan sorted. At the moment, we're awaiting his announcement tonight or tomorrow.

My CM career started in September 2008 when I signed up while pregnant with our first baby Julia. The intent was I'd be able to make some money when I was on maternity leave with Julia to contribute to household expenses (or at least pay for diapers!). As you all know, Julia did not get to come home with us, nor did her little brother Evan. Both babies have their lives documented in Creative Memories albums, and should our home ever be in a fire, they are the first things I'd grab. They are truly irreplaceable. Both the albums/pages/protectors, and the content inside. I cannot replace any of the photos or memorabilia or hospital bracelets. Truly, they are worth more than their weight in gold.

When I first heard that CM Australia was going under, I had been thinking of dropping out later in the year as I couldn't keep funding my business on my own. That was saddening as I have put in blood sweat and tears over nearly 5 years into it. I've got a full bookshelf of albums just for me. I've done albums for family and friends as gifts. I've still more albums in the works, including a newly started heritage album with photos from my Gramma Larson. My next thought that truly wrecked me as a mother was that our next baby would not have the same quality same beautiful albums as their big sister and big brother have. We aren't pregnant yet but at the time I thought I might have been. Needless to say, this has added a new dimension of drama and grief during a period that is already emotionally loaded!

This has been a very charged and frustrating and angry period for myself and other consultants. Our carefully and lovingly built businesses are gone. We are scrapping our stashes until this new venture is announced, up and running, and established. Thank you all for sticking with us as this crazy ride has knocked us for a loop. Last night I wore my CM4EVA shirt to bed and had a long sleep in. After nearly 5 years of service, I've earned it! Once I have word of this new venture I'll let you all know.


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