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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And now it's time for..............

I've mentioned taco rice on here a bit before and tonight? I took pictures as I cooked dinner. (I rock.)

Taco Rice - things you'll need
500g ground beef
1 taco seasoning packet
4 Beef Stock Cubes
Olive Oil
Mild Taco Sauce
4 cups uncooked white rice
Rice cooker

First things first, this is very much an eyeball it as you go type of recipe. Just go with the flow. :)
You'll need some of these.
And these.
In your wok, add a splash of olive oil and 3 of the beef stock cubes. Use the back of a spoon to smoosh the cubes into the oil while on a low heat. Add in chili and garlic. I used about a thumbnail sized blob of each. Stir into the stock cube oil and add the taco sauce. I had about 1/4 of the bottle left so that's what I added. I also swished some water around in the bottle to get all the last bits and added that. Continue stirring over low heat until it is all bubbly and smells divine.
Dump in your 4 cups of uncooked white rice and stir it into the sauce.
It'll look like this as you go.
Make sure to stir it through well and is distributed evenly. It will smell lovely. Do not let the rice stick to the bottom of the wok, you don't want it burned!
Transfer the rice to your rice cooker and add water according to your specific cooker's requirements. (With my rice cooker, if I add 2 cups of rice to the pot, I fill it with water to the 2 line.) I added the last stock cube to the water after I'd taken this photo. Last time I made rice this way, the flavor was too subtle for my taste.
Slap the lid on, push the cook button and let er rip! (I haven't timed my rice but usually once my rice is in the pot, the rest of my meal is cooked when the rice is finished.)
Put another splash of olive oil in your wok and add the ground beef, cooking and breaking up the clumps until all the pink is gone.
I don't drain my beef nor do I put it in a colander and rinse it with water like some cooks I know. This is lean lean lean stuff and fat = flavor. I keep it in there.
I add the packet of taco seasoning and stir it through my beef before adding the water and simmering.
And instead of dirtying up a measuring cup, I simply use the packet to pour it in. That way I get all the last bits of the contents into my pan. Works for me! Stir that water into the beef and crank the heat up. I let mine get to boiling and then turn down to low, simmering and stirring occasionally. Once your rice is done, your beef should be too.
Mmmm, rice!
This is the leftovers but here's how we plate up. Rice in your container (I use Lock & Lock) or on your plate.
Then a good spoonful of the beef. Then add some shredded cheese (we like colby or cheddar, whatever is on hand), some sour cream (the beef can be a bit spicy and the sour cream tones it down very nicely), ketchup, refried beans or any beans you like, salsa, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, olives, etc. Whatever you'd put inside your taco shell, put it on your rice. Yum!
 Four cups uncooked rice and a half kilo (1lb) of ground beef made enough for me to have a serving, Glenn to have two servings, two leftover servings, and a small container of just rice. The leftover rice is very nice with a side of refried beans. It is also quite nice inside a tortilla with cheese and beans and sour cream as a quesadilla. I like leftover rice with refried beans and a runny fried egg on top for breakfast on "clean out the fridge before trash day" day.

And that's it, taco rice.


FlyRedButterfly said...

I never would have thought to add flavoring straight into the rice cooker! Great idea thanks :)

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