When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Lucy's 2nd run

Last night was my cousin-in-law Chrissie's 21st birthday party. (Chrissie's Dad is my Mother-in-law's older brother.) The theme was "come as your favorite childhood character". The birthday girl herself was Cinderella (I wasn't surprised).
Chrissie and her friend Myles ("Murder She Wrote"), mooched from Chrissie's facebook.
 Her dad (my uncle-in-law Keith) was Big Ears (I still maintain he looked like Smee!) and her mum (my auntie-in-law Di) was Red Riding Hood and her brother (my cousin-in-law Nick) was a Powerpuff girl. The blue one. He was one step away from draq queen or a ladyboy in that skirt!
Glenn went as TinTin, complete with DirtyHarryHighPants, a newspaper and a dog. (Which Erina promptly stole from him.) I went as a Pirate but I think I looked more like a gypsy. Mum went as Mary Poppins. Dad went as James Bond. Alastair went as a minifig and Erina went as the Little Princess (a kids show on ABC). Complete with red gumboots. Girlfriend has style. ;)
Glenn as TinTin.
The rolled up and under pants creep me out.
It is a giant minifig!
Little Princess, minifig (giantfig), TinTin and Nanni McPhee hiding in the back.
Unku Glenn was impressed that Erina could open her backpack, take her desired item out, and zip the backpack up all by herself.
Mum/MummyDearestInLaw/Nana as Mary Poppins.
Chrissie asked me to bake something chocolatey for her party so I made chocolate cake with espresso cream cheese icing. Lucy was a champ and made this cake SO good! The recipe for the cake is from BHG and the icing is by me. I love having my baking requested for events! :D
Lucy mixing away.
My messy cupboard as I was trying to find a lid.
Cakes cooling on my rack. The foil pans are from Aldi. I got two packets of stars and two of hearts.
Icing. YUM!
I stacked the cakes up and iced them at the party.
My very fancy piping bag of icing. ;)
And here's the recipe cards I made up in StoryBook Creator 4.0.
Cake recipe


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