When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Friday, February 01, 2013

InstaFriday @ Random Musings

It is that time of the week again, Friday! Here's shots from my HTC Legend from the week. Some are repeats, some are newbies. :)

For the Australia Day long weekend, there were a pile of assorted Aussie themed temporary tattoos on hand. I chose this one. I didn't think it'd last very long but it did. 3 days. Including the constant rain while walking to and from work, through showers, through sleeping. I had to work to scrub it off. Impressed.
My current bling of choice. A simple necklace chain with two little stamped discs sporting my babies names. Simple, lightweight, meaningful, proud.
At work during the floods.
Looking towards the motorway. We didn't have many people come in this day.
Ripped shade sails at our local shopping center. Holy smokes, I didn't think these could rip.
After a couple days of no mascara, happy lashes again. :)
Good hair day today.
Don't mind the slight squint, it was a bit brighter than I thought it'd be.
More devastation from the wild weather. The light up signs at HQ were blasted off in the winds.
The area where they fell was taped off. No idea when these are going to be replaced.
The sign at Underwood Marketplace fare a little better.
Only the BigW sign fell off. This one wasn't taped off. :p
I was bored at home and needed a distraction for the afternoon. I headed up to Gloria Jean's for afternoon tea. A ginormous crunchy chocolate chip cookie (I ate half, it wasn't that good, I prefer chewy) and a large Voltage (a coffee frapp with an extra shot of espresso on top) were good accompaniments to the muzak in the cafe. I snagged a chair and table by the window and plowed through about 40 pages of my book.
Bliss. I'd read a post about making ones own "momcave" and when we have a house of our own, I want a nice comfy chair and footstool or a padded pillow-filled windowseat in my "momcave". Distracting thoughts while tryng to read!
I think I'm due for a cut soon.
Proof that chocolate is a vegetable!
Seriously people. Did you NOT watch the news? The SEQ water supply is not a threat to drink. Quit yo panic buying of bottled water!
Empty shelves. Seriously. WTH!?
I've been asked to bake for my cousin's (by marriage) 21st birthday party this Saturday. I've settled on these cute little foil pans instead of dipping into my cupcake wrapper stash. Cinderella is getting chocolate cake with espresso cream cheese icing and pink/silver/blue cachous. I love that my baking is requested for parties!
Edible ball bearings!
The start of my little mermaid costume.
A seashell finished. After I finished the second and tried everything on, it didn't work. Three new costume options are running through my mind...
 And that's my week in pictures so far. Share yours! I'm linked up with:
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Jessica said...

The Mark of the Lion series is my all time favorite!
Many blessings to you :)

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