When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


My week in pictures. Dec 23-29, 2012.

I spent the last couple hours of being 29 by reading this book and eating this ice cream. That's how I roll. I was showered with presents from Hubby Dearest consisting of a gift card to Spotlight and the latest Lady Antebellum cd. <3 Does he know me or what? After sleeping in on Dec 23 2012, my inlaws and Nanni arrived for lunch. Hubby came home with dinner later. I had cake twice that day. Yum! I also set up my new Nativity set.
My cake #2.
Oooh, flamey!
Gillette family tradition (my side of the family) is to eat pizza for Christmas Eve dinner after Christmas Eve services. Growing up it was frozen pizza baked up quickly. Down here, I make it myself. I don't make the sauce or dough, but I assemble it and bake it. I'm definitely liking the zillions of leftover plates and cups and bowls from my 30th birthday party. You bet I'm using them up! (Snowflake plates from IKEA, the JULMYS set. Cups from a cheap shop.)
Christmas Eve afternoon nibblies.
Christmas Eve was spent cooking and cooling a 1 kilogram turkey breast loaf. Go me! I also made the chocolate sauce and sugar scrub that I gifted to the ladies of the family. Thank you pinterest! Glenn spent the afternoon on the computer and wearing his hobbit feets slippers.
Hubby dearest opening up his Christmas present from me. We spent Christmas Day at his parents house, about 10 minutes across town from our house. His brother and wife and daughter joined us (from 15-20 minutes across town the opposite direction from us) as well as Nanni. She arrived on my birthday and is staying with Mum and Dad for a couple days.
Christmas night dinner is traditionally turkey quesadillas aka "turkeytillas". My brother Erik dubbed them as such yeaaaaaaaaaars ago and the name stuck. Simply chop up leftover turkey (white meat is best in my opinion) and put inside a tortilla with some shredded cheese and garlic salt. Fold over and bake until crispy and bubbly. I prefer mine with some home cooked black beans, sour cream and ketchup but you could add guacamole, salsa, or whatever you'd normally put with your tacos. Seriously, we fight over these!
Slightly amused and slightly sad that our workplace had out bottled water and Hairy Lemon tablets on Dec. 26. As I do not partake in beverages of an alcoholic nature in sufficient quantities to warrant taking one of these, I left them alone and took this shot instead. There are other ways to enjoy the holidays than to imbibe large quantities of alcohol people.
Running out the door for a shift and no breakfast be had at home?Apricot danish and chocolate milk for the $1.90AUD FTW! I <3 the staff cafe at work some mornings. No blueberry danishes but apricot will work in a pinch.
Boxing Day night we spent back with my inlaws. Here's Glenn being witty with his Han Solo in Carbonite ice tray and a can of Solo.
It has been rather sunny the last couple days so I've been rockin my new shades from Rivers. I seriously need a haircut too. Good thing my appointment is almost here. I'm getting quite a bit lopped off!
 New earrings I picked up. Shiny!
 My view crossing the street yesterday on my way to work. Sunny with a couple fluffy clouds.
 This arrived in the mail from South Africa! Thank you Samantha!

If you're wondering where I got my tree, its from IKEA. At my store they sold like hotcakes. Good luck trying to find one as they went extremely fast.

And just because I could, a picture of our dinner last night. Honey soy chicken with hokkien noodles. Olive oil, chili, ginger and garlic, sliced chicken breast, mixed veggies, honey, soy sauce, sesame oil, onion flakes, a dash of water and hokkien noodles. Yum.

That's it for my week. I'm linked up with Instafriday. Join the party!
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