When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas 2012 Decorating - My way

It is 12:54am Saturday December 8th. I've been up since 6:15am yesterday. I had an 8-11 security meeting at work followed by some errands with Mum before heading home to clean up before Mom arrives. (MUM = inlaw, MOM = birth.)

I've finished my bowl of cheerios and I'm listening to my Christmas 2012 playlist on Spotify. (I've hijacked my hubby's Spotify account! w00t!) The house is decorated. Finally. The guest room is tidied and the bed made with freshly washed linens. (Bear in mind we've got a serious mishmash of colors going on. With the scarce use this bed gets? Meh. But its all clean so its all good.)
Getting there...
We has green stuff!
Pouring down rain in front of me, huge wall of sun behind me. Odd.
IKEA Logan is leading IKEA Australia for Soft Toy Month!
Blood blister from closing the sugar jar. OWWWW!
The start of our decor. Doubled up red curtains (still waiting on another gray pair), wrong sides together, overlapped tabs on the rod, ornaments hung with bent paper clips. Ornaments and shiny tree from IKEA, bears from my Mom, tablecloth made from Spotlight fabric.
Yep, canned XXXX Gold.
Where our Christmas wrapping lives. In a bag on a hook on the pantry door.
We don't have a fireplace, so no mantle, hence our stockings being hung on the table with care. The bear on the far left (in red dress) is mine from my Gramma Gillette. I've had it since I can remember. Angel Bear has definitely seen better days... The angel in white is from my Gramma and Grampa Larson. I got it when I was 4. The green angel my Gramma Gillette sent down a year or two ago. They both light up but I don't dare use any sort of adaptor plugs here.
Guest room all finished! This is my old purple bedding that just happens to fit Glenn's old bed.
My pirate covered cork board turned into our Advent Calendar again.
The babies 2011 ornaments from their Gramma Gillette (my mom) on the railing. We never took these lights down from last year. Took too long to get them on in the first place!
More ornaments hung on the key rack.
The whole setup. :)
Glitter felt pillows!
Red glitter felt stars.
Front door wreath.


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