When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

This year

As a kid we carved pumpkins, put on costumes and went to our neighbors houses for trick or treating .... AFTER mom had fed us a full dinner. (I distinctly remember dinner being grilled cheese and tomato soup one year, my mom's famous bean bacon soup the next.) Then we'd head off to church for the annual harvest carnival. I preferred the carnival to trick or treating.

The last time I dressed up was before I met my husband. (And that was in '05. Haven't done the dress up and get candy thing since. I can get my own candy from the store any day I want to!) I don't mind kids dressing up as their favorite character (not evil ones though) and heading to a safe sponsored carnival or festival. That's not so bad. Not what I'd prefer to send my children out to do as a safe "alternative" to the evil that lurks about on the 31st....

What bothers me is the people that go all out and do the tombstone/cobweb/spiders/cookies-that-look-like-severed-fingers/creepy thing to the nines. No thank you. My children are dead. There's nothing even remotely appropriate as dressing up like a zombie or a skeleton, not when my own children's bodies are decaying in the Earth. I've seen my share of Death and I'd rather not see any more.

The stores down here in Australia are carrying more and more Halloween stuff each year. Some even going so far as to call it Helloween. No thank you. I'd rather the stores bring out only Christmas stuff too early! Halloween doesn't really work down here. Lots of Aussies see it as another "American holiday invasion" by stores wanting to get more from their pockets. I'll have no part in it!

You'll not find us dressing in costume or bothering our neighbors for sweets or "decorating" our house with things that are related to death or creepy crawlies. You just won't. We love our Jesus and we enjoy a good costume now and then but not October 31st. We had a belated family dinner for my husband's birthday at our local club this year. And that was fine with me. If you come to our door expecting a hand out of sugar, I'm not sorry to disappoint you. You'll be told that we don't do Halloween here, that we've no candy and you'll be told to leave. We have other plans for the night and didn't ask for interruptions from strangers.
Besides, wouldn't you rather see these two smiling faces on October 31st? Especially the blonde pigtailed one excitedly pointing out all the super colorful dragonflies printed on the carpet? And the desserts in the display case? And the slats on the wooden dance floor? And wanting to tickle you? And wanting to sit on your lap?

I rest my case.


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