When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our trip

The view from our balcony in apartment #954... one whole block away from the beach!
My new beach bag!
Wearing cross body style.
Self portrait before hitting up the newest Starbucks in town...
and then hitting the beach! (Well the boardwalk along the beach. A cut on my foot meant no walking in sand or salt water.)
I'm on vacation!
My babies rings with my, my coffee and the Pacific Ocean in the background.
Our apartment building, The BreakFree Cosmopolitan.
My afternoon consisted of a drink and a good book.
The famous (infamous) Surfers Paradise.
Everything needed for an afternoon spent along the ocean.
Cheeky birds.
<3 this view... ;) ;)
My husband the screenwriter, taking pictures of his script ideas he'd just written.
I'm at the beach, I'll take my shoes off.
Slightly windblown.
No, seafood/fish is NOT a "vegetarian" option. If it had a head or a tail or blood running through its veins, it is a meat and therefore not a vegetable.
Hubby dearest being silly.
As seen on a laptop inside a store.
HA! Fat chance!
There are no words.
Best travel wallets ever.
Goldsteins Bakery & Pie Shop for my lunch.
Hanaichi chicken curry for Glenn's lunch. This is what I've dubbed "Happy Curry Face"!
Outside Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club waiting for our dinner.
Glenn finishing his beer before the Our Backyard Tour started.
Adam Agee of StellaKaht (Stellar Kart) and Paul Colman.
Paul with Scott Darlow. Scott plays a mean didge and rocks a 12-string like I've never heard.
This clip was filmed on Saturday night, the 2nd time we've seen this show. It features Adam and Paul too.
The beach of Surfers Paradise at night.
I highly recommend this song of Scott's called Sorry. One man, a guitar, clap sticks, a digeridoo and a loop board/pedal/thingy. Also, check out the player on the right side of the page here for another version of Sorry.
How I spent the last afternoon of our trip.
On the balcony enjoying the fresh air.
Glenn enjoying his Orion beer before a dinner of spring rolls, pork gyoza and tuna sashimi. (Raw tuna. Eww.) I had chicken teriyaki and it was divine!
Glenn booked tickets to Bec's show. I was NOT aware that she was the headliner and was quite antsy to get back to my bed at 10 when I thought we'd be leaving. Nope, Bec's set started at 10:41 and went for an hour. (One tired redhead here.)
Girlfriend in fine form.
See? You just NEVER know who you'll run into while strolling down Cavill Mall at 12:30am on Saturday...!
Back in our apartment, long day, being classy with my apple guava juice in a wine glass and meatpies after midnight.
Saturday morning it started to rain. We left our hotel at 10am after checking out, walked to the bus and caught the 10:13am 750 to Nerang train station. A train from Nerang to Loganlea, a train from Loganlea to Woodridge and a bus from Woodridge just up the hill to our house. We got home around 12:45pm. I left at 1:20pm to get groceries and was home by 2:30pm. We left the house at 5pm to get into Brisbane city for the Adam, Scott, Paul show at the Princess Theatre. I'll explain the picture below by quoting my husband's post on fb:

"On Thursday night, while on holidays at Surfers, Kara and I went to see Paul Colman on his current tour (Our Backyard Australian Tour - Gold Coast QLD) only to find that not many people showed up. To begin with, it was just the two of us, two other ticket-holders, and some guys at an IT conference who'd heard the soundcheck and just wanted to hang out at the Surf Life Saving Club and have a beer with the guys. So the concert changed into an all-3-guys-at-once acoustic jam session outside on the balcony, taking turns at playing songs rather than having separate sets. It was a night to remember. By the end of the night more people had arrived than just the original audience of 7, but it still had a really special feel. The name for the impromptu trio "Balcony Boys" was born, so after getting back from the coast this afternoon Kara and I hastily made a sign to take with us to tonight's Brisbane show, which the guys were happy to sign."
 We met some friends at the Brisbane Brewhouse before the gig when who should Glenn spot walking by? Paul! He came in and greeted us, we introduced all ourselves and I held up our sign. He broke into a huge grin and laughed. When we got into the venue, we were on the door list and Bubs (real name: Rhys, which morphed into Rhys Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubs)  [American Translation: Rice Bubbles are Rice Krispies down here] asked where our sign was. He thought it fantastic and so did Scott Darlow's missus. She's the one that took the picture of us with it.

A very busy yet laid back vacation, just in time before Thanksgiving, Julia's birthday and Christmas happen. Oy. I am *so* ready for bed now..................


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