When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Organized event

Today I went to the Brisbane office of SIDS and KIDS Queensland. Carly Marie and Sue-Ella were there and I wanted to meet them. Carly is known as the "Sunset Lady" around here for the gorgeous sunsets she took with Julia and Evan's names written in the sand. Poor thing was so jetlagged after her redeye flight from Perth this morning! Both ladies are just fabulous and at very different stages in their grief as their losses are totally different. But the string that binds them and me together is that we are all mothers that have lost our children, and we are alive and (mostly) well today, able to talk and laugh and cry about it. But not cry so much that we need to go to the hospital to be rehydrated. (That was all Carly. Love it!)

I cannot tell you just how much the sunsets mean to me. If you're also a sunset mom or dad, you know. They are just beautiful and precious. They'll be one of the things I run out of a burning house with (along with the baby's scrapbooks and our important documentation and Evan's blankie). I could reprint them but thats something I just wouldn't want to do, you know?

BACK to this afternoon, soon as Carly floated in wearing her lovely maxi dress she's exactly the woman I thought she'd be. A breath of fresh air, gorgeous spirit, and she brought presents for us! A tiny vial of sand from Christian's Beach, a candle, a couple seashells, a butterfly, a poem, a butterfly keychain and some pictures. Always thinking of others. Soon as she saw me it was a huge hug and "It is so good to meet you! How are you!?"
This is where our sunsets ended up. Placed either side of a painting done by their great grandmother, Nanni.
The afternoon was wonderful getting to meet and swap stories of motherhood, our babies, our grief and loss, our happiness and joy and laughter. Our frustration at misinformed people saying things that they shouldn't, our gratitude for those that have helped us heal and how we can help others. (There were also lovely yummy treats and drinks to enjoy during our hot sticky Brisbane afternoon.) Towards the end, we all nicely pestered Carly and Sue for photos. It was a joy to meet one of my motherhood sisters and to share in person instead of just over email or facebook. (And my flags arrived safely in Perth. I think our emails didn't like eachother much so I didn't get my notification that they'd arrived safely.)
The SIDS and KIDS building. Not nearly as hard to find as I thought!
The beautiful table set up with some of Carly's work.
Some of Sue-Ella's lovely butterflies and angel ball bracelets. (There is a small chime inside the ball so it jingles.)
The lovely Carly and I in front of the memorial garden wall.
Today was good. I even got my groceries at a discount. All I needed was bread and the bakery lady was there marking things down as I walked in. Love it!

Oh yeah, this is what my hubby did all day today....

Building his LoTR Lego sets while wearing his LoTR Underground shirt while watching the movies.... all 3 of them. EXTENDED bluray versions. Mmmmm, yeah. I took my time getting around today. ;)


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