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It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sewing madness - favorites and what I use

Most of you know me as "that Scrapbooking Lady" but most of you don't know that I also enjoy my textiles! I'm a bit traumatized by sewing with a machine after making my Senior Prom dress so I sew by hand. With my birthday party coming up and some costumes to be made, I'm brushing up on my hand sewing (and my patience). I've always loved making little bags so that's what I've been making lately. (Remember my stripy lunch bag and the blue and yellow bag set I made for Michelle's kitchen tea? That's my style.) Sweet, simple projects that I can do while watching the news at night before dinner. This year I'm hoping to make a mostly handmade gift for everyone so these bags will be coming in handy.

These are the fabrics I've used so far from work that I really like working with. Personally, ANNBETH is my favorite for hand sewing.
ANNBETH $9.99/meter AUD
CECILIA $4.99/meter AUD
SY iron on hemming tape $3.99/10 meter roll AUD

And these are the fabrics I'm really looking forward to playing with next time I get a chance to shop after my shift:
This would make a lovely runner for my dining table.
MALIN CIRKEL $3.99/meter AUD
This would make some gorgeous cushion covers for our room or our guest room. (Our walls are blue and most of our bed linen has blues or greens in them.)
MALIN VÅG $7.99/meter AUD
When I first saw this come through my line I thought it looked like an oil slick. Would make some trippy curtains or a cute skirt if you like such a pattern for a skirt. A tote bag would be gorgeous in this too!
MARGARETA $4.99/meter AUD
I'm really tempted to dye some of this using tea and framing it as an art piece. Even paying my mom to embroider our names on it in different colors before framing. (We have a very bare spot of wall outside the babies nursery that is in need of something pretty.) Oooh, you could also embroider some Christmas carol lyrics and frame for Christmas decor!
SY 15 piece sewing set. I've cobbled together some scissors, pins, tapes etc from all sorts of sources.This one just looks nice and tidy.


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