When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My fridge

Just for grins, here's what I do with my fridge. (Thanks for the idea Prudent Baby!)

I use Lock & Lock containers and I've thrown out all other containers. Even my tupperware wasn't spared! (I kept my Kung Fu Panda lunch set and two baked goods containers as I actually use them.) I was given some Lock & Lock as a gift during my bridal shower and I've been slightly obsessed with them ever since. My favorite supplier is Shop Naturally as they've got pretty decent prices and shipping. There is a store in our local mall that sells pieces that I've used on occasion. There's also the Aussie home shopping site TVSN that sells Lock & Lock but I haven't used them. Google Lock & Lock and you'll find plenty of sites in the US that sell it too. BPA free. Seriously the best containers I've used EVER. No leaks, no spills in my bag or DH's backpack while riding his bike to work. Best containers ever for marinating meats in and taking to a bbq. I've yet to have a container or lid crack, only one silicone seal has broken and that's because I didn't take it out the right way. I do use a bit of plastic bags and I try to keep them on hand just for bulk meats that I package into smaller chunks. Or loaves of bread that I slice up at home.

Our lovely fridge, all covered in stuff. The orange container is a used washed out curry powder tin that I added magnet tape to. Works pretty good with light weight pens. I really should find some better magnets so I can have all my white board markers in there too.
The Today's Reminders is our daily FLY Lady routine while at home. Do we follow it every day? No. Do we try? Yes. And trying is what it is all about. We are human, we fail at things, we brush ourselves off, pick ourselves up by our big girl panties and try again. One of my magnets says "I am not behind. My home did not get dirty in a day and it will not get clean overnight." Above is our magnetic whiteboard weekly dinner planner that I got from work. Love it to bits! Why just dinner? Because there are only two of us. Breakfast and lunch aren't usually spent eating together so it is very much "fend for yourself"! (And different colored white board markers just make me happy.) For those not familiar with FLY Lady, check it out.
The door of our fridge.
Sauces and our Gourmet Gardens herbs and spices are on the bottom shelf. Jams, syrup and juice boxes are next up. My baking extracts and some smoothie ingredients are in the next tray up and above them in the flappy compartments are baking chips and chocolates. I don't use the egg holder that much so my butter is keeping it company. I prefer to keep my eggs in my cupboard instead of the fridge. No waiting for my eggs to warm up before I can start baking!
Top shelf is where all the tall stuff gets stored.
Things like milk jugs, juices, Mountain Dew *Energized!* (normally, this green goodness isn't caffeinated here in Oz). The basket holds either a couple beers of DH's choice, or my espresso, chocolate sauce and flavorings. The shelf next down has leftovers or things to cook that night for dinner. The next shelf has flatter things like pizza dough or lasagnas, things that are short and I don't have to rearrange the drawer heights for. The little drawer is where DH's lunches go. (No poaching my leftovers for lunches!) The small shelf next to the little drawer is often where my defrosting meats go. Since I don't store veggies in the bottom, I don't mind if stuff drips on the rare occasion. I usually put it in a tray or a spare plate just in case though. Bottom drawer has my single serve yogurts (cheaper than the regular size tubs and I recycle them when I'm done), sliced breads (bread left on the counter goes moldy very fast here in Sunny Queensland), butter and other breakfasty/bulky foods. Tada!
Yes my fridge looks pretty bare, but given that it'd just been cleaned out and my Lock & Lock containers are waiting to be washed, and that it's payday and my grocery order hadn't been delivered just yet....

Its all good now. Nice full happy fridge. :)
I pulled out the drawers a bit just for grins. This will get fuller after I finish my grocery shopping tomorrow and stock us up on some homemade meals.
This is what my drawer usually looks like. Clearly labeled so DH knows which spot to find his lunches for work. And yes, there's even a chocolate bar in there for him. :p ;) I'm just cool like that.


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