When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Insta Friday!

The story of my last two weeks, using only my HTC Legend's built in camera.
Why hello Mr. Self-Serve Kiosk Helper Man!
I like this stripy fabric. It is happy and cheery.
And it makes a lovely little bag that I hand sewed in about 2 hours.
This is the backside of the bag, perfect for holding my water bottle and lunches, a paperback book or 50 4x6 birthday party invitations ready for mailing.
See that? A boxed out bottom of the bag. Done. By. Hand. I rock. And on the first try!
I almost matched up the stripes even!
All happy in its new bag. I added some snaps to it later so I could keep it closed.
This beautiful little face greets me each morning at work from the inside of my locker. <3 you Evan baby.
Yes it is Ingvar, yes it is.
Welcome to IKEA Logan's staff cafe!
Bright shot of happy pink on my walk home.
I made another bag, using this fabulous print. (Also from work.)
My career as a fashion hat designer took off.
See that? I'm the chief. Booyah!
Ooooh, entraaaaaaaaaaaance!
Battery operated tapers? Sold!
That's how bright my Guardian Light is at night. Bus drivers love it.
See that speck of almost neon green in the top corner? That's my bus, a whole 5 minutes early.
Adorable fabric flat quarters I found for some bridal shower goodies.
Finished fabric covered corkmats for a noticeboard series. The bride loved em! Not sure what the groom thinks though...
With the remaining fabric I made this nice print bag, preferably for the groom. The other print I made one for the bride.
I had enough left over to make this little dual print bag.
Complete with snaps.
All dolled up on a FRICKIN HOT day for the kitchen tea. (Wearing my new $12 top.)
Little bags with our nametags on them.
The ladies even made the straws blingy! I kept mine and overheard several others say they were too pretty to toss out!
L to R: Mother of the Bride, Mothers of the Bridesmaids.
Those are my sparkling butter toffee cookies being plated up.
Tam and The Bride.
Love these ladies!
I look busty here, love it.
The components of my birthday party invitations.
Assembly line in process. Most have been sent out and a few are waiting for me to hand out at work this weekend.
It has been 6 weeks so it was haircut day again! Looser curls than previous visits, but oh the bounce that my stylist gets!
Looking for fabric for my Arwen costume. Does this green wash me out?
This is a contender for the lacy looking part of Arwen's dress.
The main contenders for my costume...
The sky was pink last night at sunset. This doesn't do it justice.

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