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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crafty itch scratched again! - Tutorial

Here's the idea I had and was making up as I go. Fabric covered corkboards!

I eyeballed the fabric and cut a rough square, centering the design on a round cork trivet.
(Fabric and trivets from Ikea, thumbtacks from a dollar store, ribbon from Spotlight.)
I used thumbtacks to attach the fabric on four sides, pulling it taut as I went.
After I did four sides, I went at roughly even increments and added more tacks.
Once I was satisfied with the tautness and the amount of tacks, I trimmed off the excess.
(I'll be hotgluing the edges down after I get more gluesticks. Oops.)
I cut a bit of ribbon and folded one edge over a bit and speared it with a thumbtack before popping the tumbtack back into its spot.
I did the same to the other side of the ribbon and it was done!

Seriously, such an easy craft that I think looks pretty doggone good if I do say so myself! I used a bigger pushpin and hung it on my wall. I personally love this print as it is so bright and summery and perfect for my Aussie kitchen.
How cute would these be in fabric to match your kids rooms for hanging their artwork?  
If you do make some, I'd recommend adding a smidge of hotglue to the tip of your ribbon tacks before pushing into the cork. That way you ensure that a slightly heavier piece of art won't fall off.

You could use fabric to match your kitchen decor, your bathroom, your living room or your office. You could trim the edge in ribbon instead of tacks. You could use this idea to cover square corks too. So many options! These are so much nicer looking than your standard cork boards too. Give it a try and see what you come up with!

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Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

great job! Cork board is so versatile.

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