When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary Weekend *photo heavy*

We took a little trip into the city for our anniversary weekend. Our usual is to go out for pizza and a movie so we decided to splurge a bit. It has been five years. We've been through a shitload of topsy-turvy circumstances. I think we've earned it, don't you?

Glenn asked me what I wanted for an anniversary gift, I asked what he wanted for an anniversary gift. He wanted a Broncos home jersey (our local NRL team). I wanted a new chain for my wedding diamond solitaire necklace from my Gramma. (The chain was so delicate that it broke after wearing for a few minutes. I felt it snaking down into my bra and panicked!)

I left the necklace in a little tupperware type tub on the bathroom counter for Glenn to take with him so he could get a new chain that'd fit the solitaire and the right length. It was still on the counter when I got home. :p

It all started on Thursday when I ventured out to Red Hill to find the Broncos SuperStore to buy Glenn's jersey.
Waiting for the bus.
I found it!
I found Locky!
My new chain!
It's a yellow gold Singapore chain.

Then on Friday -our actual anniversary- after a lazy breakfast at home and some last minute packing, we headed out on our adventure.
Waiting for our bus. This little rolly suitcase has been all over the world with me. From Seattle to London to Vienna to Klagenfurt to Salzburg to Munich to all over Europe to Seattle to LA to San Francisco to Auckland to Sydney to Brisbane to Toowoomba to Fiji..... and now to downtown Brisbane. I got a set of luggage for my high school graduation and it's still going strong 11 years and many trips later.
Wearing my new necklace!
Five years on and still going strong.
Our hotel, The Sebel King George Square.
After a complimentary upgrade -score!- this is what we saw on our tv. Just a bit creepier than it is cool.
HUGE king size bed.
I love seeing him grin.
Out to dinner. Pizza!
Deliriously happy over pizza and rugby. Whodathunkit?
Impressed by the pizza.
Happy five years of Marriage to my best friend!
5 for 5!
After dinner we headed to The Paddo for drinks and I lost my beerginity. Beer is NOT my cup o tea. Drinks finished, we walked to Suncorp Stadium for the game and saw the coolest cop car EVER!
Why yes, season ticket holders members only entry. Booyah!
It is our anniversary! We're kind of a big deal. ;)
One of these days I'll get their signatures... pen and paper at the ready!
Just a little bit redneck classy. I emailed the season ticket office and asked if our names could be on the screen.
Broncos enter the field!
Complimentary bathrobes in room while making a cuppa? I just might have to do that!
The view from our room Saturday morning.
Adorable lil pots of ketchup and jam after breakfast.
Us outside the library.
The view from the library window.
We went to the Queensland Performing Arts Center (aka QPAC) and explored the Art Gallery.
Baby stonehenge? No, a circle of rocks = art. Oh really?
I liked the ripply grain here.
Photobombed by my husband. *shakeshead*
Yes we are classy, art galleries and the state library archives.
Glenn looking for the microfilm records of his ancestors landing in Australia.
After a bit of help from a librarian (it helps to know the name of the ship and the year) we got shown to a microfilm machine and handed a couple reels to look through.
We found it! Angus and Christina McPhee and their daughter Hannah landed on November 14, 1853 on the ship named Caroline.
I saw this installation at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) and I liked it. After reading the plaque above I realized why it resonated with me.
My favorite piece in the museum. Click to embiggen!
I like interactive art pieces. This artist took old wooden school desks and carved designs in the top. The instructions were to take a piece of paper and a colored pencil and make a rubbing. I can do that!
All finished!
Artist in Residence. ;)
We were given money from my mom for our anniversary. Lunch was on mom and dad!
His and hers ice cream on me.
Mick O Malley's Irish Pub for dinner after seeing Brave in 3D. Glenn had steak, chips and salad.
I had the Steak and Guiness Pie with Mash. This was the small pie.
My entire hand spanned the pie! IT WAS HUGE!
And I polished off every single bit of it (sans two bites for Glenn to try) by myself!
Gotta love the swag you get at pubs. A staff member had a box of freebies and we each got a phone wallet while Glenn also got a harmonica.
End of Sunday breakfast was hot chocolate, raspberry jam ball doughnut and pain au chocolat.
After a bit of shopping in MacArthur Central (the building MacArthur used as his headquarters in WWII) we headed to Wintergarden for our sweets tasting.
My sweets tasting plate with a cafe latte.
Glenn's tasting plate.
Quite pricey!
Glenn looking away at the last second.
"You look retarded." - Glenn (Thanks honey.) :p
WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much sugar.
Worn out, sugar crash and ready for home.


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