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It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chicken Stroganoff from a Beef Stroganoff packet.

I got bored and took pictures while making dinner.

So here we go... Chicken Stroganoff with Garlic Rice. Lots of pictures. :)

I detest touching and cutting raw meat. I froze these two chicken breasts (boneless and skinless) after purchasing and they ended up pretty flat. In the microwave for 3 minutes on medium low and another 3 minutes on low made them thawed just enough for easy slicing. I kept them in the bag and had about an inch or so outside for slicing. The ziplock tread on the bag made it easy to hold the chicken in place. Otherwise I'd just use a fork to keep them steady. I sliced them into thin pieces and set aside.
Here's what went into our dinner. A beef stroganoff recipe packet from Aldi, olive oil, some veggie stock cubes (I tend to use more water than the packet requires and the flavor gets watered down, so I amp it up before adding any water), garlic, mild chili, onion salt (so good!), chicken, sour cream (not pictured), and rice. More on the rice later.
A slightly better overhead shot.
A glug of olive oil in the pan, heated on medium with some garlic and chili.
I used about a thumbnail amount of garlic and chili. This is for size reference.
Two veggie stock cubes go in and get smooshed around to make a paste like sludge.
Smoosh away!
Add your chicken in batches, flipping once you see some color happening.
Shove the cooking stuff out of the way when you add new batches. Bear in mind these are still mostly frozen and we just want to get some color on them, not cook them all the way through!
All the chicken, on medium high heat, stirred around for a minute or two.
Add in the packet contents and one packet full of water. I usually add two as I like the flavor concentrated and lots of sauce at the end.
How to add water lefthanded while taking pictures righthanded. Nailed it.
Once you've added the packet and two packets of water, stir it up and turn to high. Boil for a good two minutes while stirring occasionally.
My handy-dandy rice cooker. I don't like rice much, didn't like it as a kid until my brother introduced me to teriyaki and sticky rice! Haven't made sticky rice myself but yum does a rice cooker make my life easier. Hubby Dearest is a rice freak and panics when there's no rice left for lunches. I did 5 cups of rice with 4 veggie stock cubes, some garlic and some chili before adding the water up to the 5 line. This cooked away while I did the strog.
I like to do a big batch of rice so I have enough for a couple meals in a week. This cooked faster than I'd planned so when it finished, I put my teatowel over the top to keep it cozy. (After I'd turned it off of course.)
After your two minutes of boiling, turn down to low and stir. Simmer for 10 minutes to make sure the chicken is cooked.
And this is my fridge door. Slightly messy.
And this is my fridge. Getting a bit bare as we're approaching payday...
My tiny freezer. I think at most this could hold 5 loaves of bread. Small huh?
After simmering this is what I was left with. A lot of chicken with not a lot of sauce. This shall be fixed in a second. Add half a carton of sour cream and stir really good. Increase heat if need be to help melt the cream. Stir really well and turn off heat.
Lots of rice!
Grab yer bowl and dish up some rice.
Add a good ladle of chicken and sauce to your rice. Eat!
And now, for my pinterest worthy picture/idea of the millennium.... use a bag clip from Ikea to keep your sour cream carton closed. Easy! So that was our dinner tonight, Chicken Stroganoff. I made it once as I didn't have beef (and I think the chicken version is more tender than the beef original) and Glenn liked it. I've only used beef on a couple occasions since. I <3 the chicken!


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