When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Friday, June 01, 2012

How cute is this? -Giveaway possibility-

I saw this a couple days ago in a cheap shop at Underwood Marketplace. I didn't buy it. I saw it again yesterday, didn't buy it. Saw it again today and figured if I stuck to my list then I could buy it. It was still there as I left Woolies so I bought it.
The flaps come down to reveal the layers.
You take the top bun off and you have the lettuce layer.
You take off the lettuce layer to reveal itty bitty cutlery.
You take off the patty layer to reveal the big space underneath in the bun. It was a grand total of $5.00. How could I say no?
Seriously, I will make a hamburger and take it to work in this container just to see the reactions on my coworkers faces.

I'll see if I can get my hands on another one tomorrow and it'll be up for a giveaway! Stay tuned!


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