When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Evan's 2nd Birthday Week

Evan's birthday goodies at his plot.
8 balloons. 2 for his birthdays, 4 for the days we had him and 2 for the 2 hours we had him.
All tied up and waiting to go to Evan.
It's mah birfday yo!
Balloons and Daddy
Getting ready to let go.
Daddy on his way to help release balloons.
Up up and away!
Dancing in the breeze.
Clean house for birthday dinner with Nana and Paa!
All spruced up for dinner.
Chocolate cake and cupcakes. I used up the rest of Evan's 1st birthday liners.
Nana finished Evan's sampler! :D
Eagle Boys Pizza. Only the best for Evan!
Birthday Bear with us instead of our Birthday Boy.

Two years ago you were born Evan. Very fast, very unexpectedly backwards, very dangerously. Our lives changed when your little foot popped out and we miss you every day.

First view of our little fighter. Need to change that hat!
First picture with my baby son.
Daddy absolutely in grief and tears.
Our little family, first cuddles in NICU.
Happy 2nd Birthday Evan Riley! You were here, you were born, you lived and then you died. You were here and we got to mommy and daddy you. We celebrate that you were born and lived on your birthday. We miss you so much bugaboo that it hurts. The hurt reappears on your birthday and Heavenday because we wish we could be with you in Heaven but it just isn't our time yet. We know that our parties here on Earth pale in comparison to the spoiling you get in Heaven but we'll party on just the same. It is your birthday and it is a sacred day in our family. June 18th will forever be the day we finally got to meet you, our first born son.

Oh Evan I ache to hold you again, to hear you coo in your sleep and to see your lovely gray eyes look at me in recognition for who I am. Your Mama.

I love you so much bugaboo. XOXOXO,


Kickin' it Landis said...

That was a beautiful post! He is such a good looking boy! My heart grieves for you both. I am praying for you...for your peace, comfort, and a new little gift in your womb. You're a great mama to those 2 kids of yours!!

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