When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Evan's 2nd Birthday goodies.

I had a hot date today.

Nana had an appointment today out at Mount Cotton and offered to take me to the cemetery to visit Evan. I went to Coffee Club and picked up a slice of mudcake and a large flat white before heading in to Spotlight. In there I picked up some balloons on sticks, a bunch of flowers and a little wooden number 2 cut out. Nana picked me up a bit later and we headed to the cemetery. I walked in as Nana dropped me off on the side of the road and made my way to Evan's graveside.

I laid down an empty bag and sat down before bursting into tears. I had a good long cry and chat with my little man while eating my cake, drinking my coffee and decorating his grave with his goodies. I played some music on my phone for him and explained why Mama and Daddy liked the song. I started reading my book that I'd brought and Nana rocked up.

A family arrived and went to the older section of where Evan's buried. They went to the water spigot and filled a few vases before washing off two different graves and leaving two bunches of yellow flowers. A mom, a dad and a little boy were the family. They didn't stay long but I noticed the dad looked like he was quite run down and had a lot on his shoulders. The little boy seemed happy and in a good mood. The mom seemed quite quiet and a bit sobered. After the family left we went over to say hi to Max. Max's momma Sharon and I work together and I say hi to Max when we visit Evan. Its nice knowing I have another momma with a little boy out at the same cemetery and that we visit each others son when we go visit our own.

We came back to say good bye to Evan and wandered over to where the family was with the two graves earlier. They have two sons buried a year apart and it was one of their birthdays today. Little brother was wishing his big brother happy birthday. That's why he was so happy. The dad was marking another year with out his baby boys. That's why he looked so run down and the mom so quiet.

The Coffee Club mudcake. Only the best for my boy!
Half naked Tiger tied to a balloon.
Half naked Teddy tied to balloon and flowers.
Coffee and cake with my little man. I struggled to make it through singing Happy Birthday to him.
Daddy has a Tiger and Mama has a Teddy from work. I felt Evan should have one of each too. :)
Birthday Puppy is quite dirty but still keeping near Evan. I bought this little 2 and wrote "I AM #2!" on it for Evan's the second Davies Baby and its his second birthday on Monday.
Max's Sesame Street balloon.
Evan playing with Max's balloon for a bit before we took it to Max.
Adorable lil Max and his balloon.

I did a quick poll on my facebook late last night/early this morning about which headband to wear as I had a hot date today and I decided to dress up a bit.


Dana said...

The decorations are beautiful. I'm sure that Evan loves them. This post is so sad. I feel so much love in your words. How I wish you were celebrating his second birthday the way you should. Thinking of you often.

P.S. I love that you visit Max and Max's Mom visits Evan. It's so nice to know that others think of our kids too. And that other family with 2 lost babies is heartbreaking.

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