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It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

What's In My Purse - via The Small Things Blog *Edited*

I saw this post of Kate's on her blog The Small Things and thought I'd replicate it here.

I usually use my cell phone -an HTC Legend- to post pictures here but I broke out my Canon PowerShot A620 from its retirement in my bedside table to do these. I've had my Canon for YEARS since my Dad got one and the fact that it takes AA batteries means it is still my favorite workhorse for vacation photos. For everyday it is just too heavy for my bag so I use my Legend's built in camera.

What's in your purse?

 -Swift knitting bag: I absolutely love this bag. (I don't knit but I love this bag nonetheless.) I will not travel without it. It fits perfectly under the seat and can crumple down if need be. It also holds a TON of stuff when I go shopping and the padded handles are fabulous. I use it more like the Shop Bag than a daily carry-all.
-Mini Clear Organizer Pouch: I have my bus card in one of these, attached to the inside O-ring of my bag with a Key Strap (8"). I have several key straps attaching all my keys and swipe cards and things.
-Ultrasuede® Screen Cloth: best thing ever for removing smudges from my smartphone's screen!
-FlyLady stainless steel water bottle: I drink a LOT of water and this is the only bottle that keeps my water ice cold all day long. It's stainless steel, double walled and has 2 openings. A large one for ice and water, and a smaller one for sipping so I don't drench myself. I got one for my husband as he needs to drink more water and living here in Australia, it is quite hot most of the year and regular bottles get warm too fast.
-Guardian Dual Function Light: As it's now Fall and getting quite dark fast here in Oz, I use this clipped to the outside of my bag when waiting at bus stops after dark. Several drivers have blown right past my stop at night and that's not cool. When they see my flashy red light they stop. I also keep it on while walking home as oncoming traffic don't always see me either. Works great. Best $20 I've spent for my own safety!
-Cordura Organizer Pouches: I have a few of these that I keep my business cards, lip gloss and softlips, mascara, hairties and earplugs in.
-Business card holder: It's small, clear and easy to open. Perfect!
-Dayplanner: I have one similar to this. I'm the kind of person that *HAS* to write something down or I'll forget it. This is a lifesaver!

What's in your purse


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