When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is what happens when I put my shoes on.....

My kitchen and pantry get made over. I blame you directly FlyLady for telling me to buy a $29.99 pair of new shoes!

This is what my laundry room pantry looked like last night...
And after I woke up today, this is what happened...
Drinks (yes, we are a XXXX Gold household), bags of chips, our Starbucks tumblers, cooking oil and our blender go up top. Rice, granola bars, flour, Bisquick, packets and the like go on the second shelf. The smoked color tub has granola bars and packet soups for lunches. They'll soon be joined by fruit cups and other goodies.
Canned goods, spreads, canned fruit. Baking chips and other supplies are in the purple bags.
Getting there.
I have LOTS of muffin liners. Dang.
Gramma Vicki Larson Gillette, don't send any more. I'm overflowing!
Closeup of the insane amount of muffin liners I found in my pantry. I better start baking.
Cleared out and reorganized bottom shelf. Yes that jar says "Pinup shoot money jar". (We're saving up for a Rita Hayworth-themed pin up shoot.)

The clear handled container on the right has stuff for tonight's dinner only in it. Recipe packet, canned beans and tomatoes, and garlic salt. This will be updated each day either after dinner or after I get up. While doing this I found out I was out of chili mix after I used this one. On the list it goes!
Cleared out top shelf. Much better!

I wiped down the glass jars and wrote their contents in dry erase marker. The clear handled basket holds packets of things that are "open". Packets of spaghetti, shell pasta, crackers, oreos, the like.
Tidied cupboard. Drinks are in one basket, rice cakes and crackers in the other. Spreads are on the right. Down below are potatoes in a basket and straws in a jar. The rest of the straws are in a bag with my baking supplies in our bigger pantry. The cotton balls are for my toner which is kept in the fridge with my moisturizer. I like the cool feeling as I clean my face in the morning.
Tidied top of fridge. I emptied out the glass jars of cereal and put my crockpot back in its place. The milo will be decanted into a glass jar and put with the cereal once they are refilled.
After a bit more tossing, sorting and tidying.
All my dried baking goods are in plastic bags and in a metal baking tin that was taking up space in my dining room cabinet. Voila!
Picnic stuff, matches, plastic bowls and plates are in the middle there.
Laundry supplies, oversized goods, bleach, etc are on the bottom. Clear container from Howards Storage World AU.
Top of my clean microwave! The glass container is my sugar bowl. The black box holds salt and pepper grinders, toothpicks and sugar grinder.
This is the next area to tackle. White basket holds excess dishes and glasses we just don't use unless company is coming over. Next up is to take it to the garage.
Clean dishes up top, carnage from pantry cleanout in sink.
More carnage to clean.
Along with this kitchen and pantry cleaning, I vacuumed the bathroom floor upstairs and did 2 loads of laundry, pulled out meat and beans from the freezer for dinner and updated my 2012 One Photo A Day album.

A rather productive day, don't you think?


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