When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My day

I went to bed waaaaaaaaaay too late last night but I had a good reason. Claire was in town! She picked me up for trivia (Team SS is no more, we are now known as A Mixed Bag) and afterwards proceeded to get a bit lost on the way back to my house. We ended up sitting in her car in the driveway outside my house talking about anything and everything. It was good to have someone just listen and ask a few questions about Julia and Evan.

"Wherever two or three are gathered in my Name, I am there among them." - Matthew 18:20 Last night was church for me!

I managed to get some sleep last night and to complete almost everything on my to-do list today. Go me!

Meat thawing in fridge for dinner, done.
Changed some details at the bank, done.
Deposit birthday money from my Nanni, done.
Find a mini whisk (2 bucks), done.
Folic acid tablets on sale ($6.45), done.
Notepads, some paper clips, a pretty new headband and sunglasses, done.
Mini organic beef burgers, rice snacks, tiger rolls, lunch meats and iced coffee, done.
Check the mail, done.
Drink a lot of iced water, done.
Cleaned out the fridge, done
Took out the trash and replaced the bag liner, done.
Reorganized fridge, done.
Planned lunches for DH, done.

Lovely blingy little headband, perfect for a bit of a change at work.
Nice sunglasses to replace the ones I bought in August that broke last week. (Mum accidentally stepped on them. Oops.)
What have you lot been up to today?


Claire said...

LOL! But we didnt get lost.. we just had an adventure and found a new way to get to your house!! I call that Mission Accomplished! :D

And friend- last night was AWESOME (except for maybe the possums- although that was pretty good for the laugh factor! ;)

BTW double points awarded for getting all the errands done- even though you (we!) went to bed just a little late

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