When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

My birthday

It started out well.

Glenn gave me my present at about 12:45am while we were watching Die Hard (our traditional Christmas movie). I got:
My favorite song from this cd so far is "Called Out In The Dark". It's more dance-y than their previous work but I like it.
This bit always gets me:
Show me now,
Show me the arms aloft,
Every eye trained on a different star,
This MAGIC, this drunken semaphore
We are listening and we're not blind,
This is your life, this is your time,
We are listening and we're not blind,
This is your life, this is your time
Haven't listened to it yet but it's in the pile of "to be added to my phone and iTunes".
Mom sent me:
Goodnight Seattle
We had cinnamon scones and coffee for breakfast while on our way to the Hyperdome. I had an 11:30 appointment with my stylist Melissa for a wash cut style curl wax and tint. I got there a bit early to find out that Melissa was not in as she was unwell. Lauren subbed in and did a good job. I got my lashes tinted blue-black, eyebrows waxed and my hair washed cut styled and straightened. When I was done I met Glenn (who had been out shopping for new shoes and LEGO) for lunch. We had fried rice with honey chicken, omelette, sweet and sour pork and lemongrass beef with vanilla coke. Yum!
Glenn found this for me too:
It's a guy's tank top so my lovely assets are very visble from the sides. Hence this is for pajama use only! :p
After lunch we headed in to the theatre to see:
It was funnier than I expected. "There's the girl that Santa hates!" :p Great flick if you haven't seen it yet, I muchly recommend it! After having quite a bit to drink all day we both ducked out to the ladies and gents rooms and that's when my period decided to hit. Shit. No Christmas miracle baby for us this year. Shit. I told Glenn and his face fell. I hate that look! I hate seeing his hopes dashed to smithereens again. Grr.

We wandered around for a bit before heading to Sizzler to await the family's arrival. Al, Saara and Erina arrived first then Mum Dad and Nanni. We got in line and paid for our meal rather quickly. Erina provided much amusement during dinner. The cutest was eating an ice cream cone. Some got up her nose and she had the cutest brain freeze face ever! She's just learned how to do high-fives so I got several over the course of the night. She's also learned to say "oooh!" and to point at what she deems exciting. The tvs, the gift boxes hanging from the ceilings, all sorts of stuff. :p She's a silly kid. I had a good dinner and opened some lovely presents.

Michelle's grandma died recently and in the midst of all the funeral arrangements and services and family Christmas committments, dropped my present off at my mother in law's house. She sent me a lovely necklace and earring set:
Al Saara and Erina gave me a lovely bag of bula (finnish cinnamon pastries, not sure about the spelling though) and a lovely card. Mum and Dad gave me a box of Starbucks VIA Christmas Blend Coffee, a pretty tealight in a holder and a small bottle of Bailey's. Nanni sent me a card with a check for $25. I'll use that at the DFO shoe sales! ;)

After we left the restaurant we wend down the escalators to the parking lot. Erina went down with Nana on one knee then stood up for the next escalator. Once she got to the end she shouted "gain!" (again). Nana took her for another ride and everyone cracked up when Erina took Nana for another ride. Alastair remarked "who needs Dreamworld?" (a local theme park). He then had 2 trips with Erina while the rest of us cackled with laughter at Erina's delight at being able to run so fast!
We took a drive to Alastair and Saara's house to look at their Christmas light display. This is the third year they've entered and the second year in a row they've won 1st place. Glenn explained all the lights to Erina who wriggled. :p
I know it's blurry but I love this picture.
Glenn with his baby niece in his arms. She's not Julia or Evan but seeing him with her makes me melt.
Erina doing her escape squirm act.
After we got home, we changed into jammies and read our books in bed while listening to my new Snow Patrol cd.

So aside from not being pregnant, it was a good birthday. Be good to me 29!


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