When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Glenn is 30!

I was a Green m&m, Glenn was a Ghanain soccer guy.

I cut 2 squares of green poplin a couple inches bigger than my hula hoops and used my hot glue gun to attach the fabric. A few burned fingers later, the hoops were covered. I used scraps to braid into straps and hand sewed them to the front and back of each hoop. I free-handed a lowercase m onto paper, cut it out and used it for a template on my white felt. I cut out two, hot gluing one to my hoop and hand sewing (very loosely tacked) to my green shirt I'd turned inside out. The hoops got a bit awkward with putting party good in the oven so I wanted a backup. It turned out pretty good!

Glenn had this Ghanaian Black Stars soccer jersey (Essien, # 8) and ordered the flag and facepaint online. Which I schlepped back from the US along with umpteen pounds of lego and beer and other stuff in September. :p He did the facepaint all by himself and still has red and green tinges to his skin. ;)

We had a whole cast of characters arrive! A couple Gardeners, a Gendarme, a Greg, Gaddafi, "Gary" and "Gloria" (played by a husband and wife team, him as Gloria, she as Gary), a Gran and Grandad, a Goalie, a Grocery list, a Go-To Guy, Gladwrap, a German and a Gypsy, 2 members of Guns n Roses, a Greenie, a Gangster and his Girl, a Green, a Ghanaian and a Green m&m. Lots were costume ideas I hadn't even thought of!

Decorations were simple. (I made most of them using Storybook.) I had several 4x6 prints decorated in various fonts with Gs and 30s that were stuck around the bricks and windows with blue tack. (That stuff that holds posters to your walls without peeling your paint off... usually.) I made up a "Happy 30th Birthday" banner in 4x6 prints with the same "30 Birthday Street" design as the party invites (also 4x6s). I put those on the sliding door to the kitchen. I bought a cheap pack of party hats and stuck them in the hanging plants around the party area. I bought 5 balloons, had them inflated and tied them to chairs. The red yellow blue and white ones stayed with us, the green one somehow escaped. I think Evan wanted one of his Daddy's balloons to play with. :) I got some red and yellow streamers and draped them over bushes, on the front gate, the light in the pool room, etc. Mum had tablecloths in the perfect colors so I didn't need the ones I bought. We had the movie quotes printed and arranged in the pool room. We had the world events on a power point presentation linked to the tv in the tv room. We had the music and about Glenn on the computer by the food. Pretty easy set up! I was in the kitchen manning the oven inbetween greeting guests as they arrived.

We had good food: mini meatpies and mini sausage rolls, spring rolls, spinach and ricotta triangles, chips, cheese, crackers, cheerios (cocktail hotdogs), dips, veggie sticks.

We had good drinks: pepsi max, schweppes lemonade, ginger beer, Pure Blonde and Cascade Light.

We had good cake: mudcake!

We had good laughs: 1981 movie quotes trivia, 1981 world events trivia, 1981 music clips trivia and questions about Glenn.

It was a good night. And as any major birthday party of Glenn's life, it was held at his parents house. They even changed the party lights! The last party lights were put up for his 21st... ;)

Gendarme and Ghanaian
Gangster and his Girl, straight of the set of Underbelly Razor!
Gardener and Gendarme
Hard at work baking the pies, rolls, springrolls, spinach and ricotta triangles....
Gloria and Gary
Back from the dead for one night only!
Our friends Ros and Max. (Max has a twin brother named Greg who is a teacher.)
Gran and Grandad
Goalie, Grocery list and Go-To Guy
Erina's auntie Rebbe brought this back from Finland
Guns n Roses
Cake time!
3 Ikea boys

4 Ikea boys


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