When we exchanged rings, we hoped our family of two would grow.
It has, into a family of 4. We're just split in half.
Two of us walk the Earth while two of us fly in Heaven.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Of all the convention centers...

In all the world...

My husband "the AFOL" is dragging me to the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center for a Lego event. He has a newly revamped display and is exhibiting for the second time this year.

I'm a Lego widow.

I'm "volunteering" this weekend for a couple hours Saturday and Sunday. When I'm not surrounded by all things Lego, I'll be at our hotel prepping for my upcoming workshops or I'll be at the nearby Starbucks. Oh yes, my trusty Fiskars Sure Cut Deluxe paper trimmer and supplies are coming with me!

In return for this weekend, my husband is honor bound to assist and help run one of my scrapbooking or cardmaking events.

Come visit me..... And bring coffee!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Currently I'm...

Reading... I just finished Winter of the World by Ken Follett.
Watching... cheesy travel show Getaway.
Trying... my hand at Christmas card designing.
Cooking... burgers for tea. It's footy finals season and tonight is Queensland v Queensland! GO BRONCOS!
Eating... just finished 2 pieces of leftover homemade pizza. Aldi pizza dough, pizza sauce, sliced chorizo, sliced pork sausages, diced bacon, leftover rotisserie chicken, bbq sauce, bit of salt & pepper, and shredded mozzarella. Yum.
Drinking... carmel iced coffee. The best.
Texting... my husband to get lettuce and tomato at the fruit shop if he wants them on his burgers.
Pinning... Cuttlebug accessories and ThinkGeek funnies.
Scrapping... trying my hand at an idea posted on a fb group.
Making... pretty stuff!
Loving... footy finals season.
Hating... all the crap going on in the news both locally and internationally.
Discovering... old scrapbooking tools.
Enjoying... the house to myself and the cooler temperatures.
Feeling... annoyed with unemployment and a recent judgement (inaccurately placed).
Celebrating... another day here on earth.
Finishing... my coffee.
Starting... another coffee.

What are you up to lately?

Saturday, September 06, 2014


Instafriday, long edition. :) I'm @MamaJillaroo.

So, we've been home for 3 weeks now. Jetlag is gone, it's technically Spring here in SEQ and it's still cold in our house. Brrrr!

While we were away, our land lords (aka Mum & Dad) went to town on our place. We have nuisance trees in our back yard (wrong type for our location) and the major ones were cut down. It's a bit naked looking now! They also tidied up our back yard bricks and made it all a bit brighter. Thanks Mum and Dad!
Being away for nearly a month, in someone elses house, made me long to cook and get back to my own kitchen. After church we made something for lunch and then I did a fresh batch of Jiffy cornbread (US expats holla!) and topped it with homemade chili and shredded cheese. Zomg. SO good.
Two days back from our trip and I'm back at work for a Brissie Consultant Fun Day. I used my new Birthday/Christmas present and had fun embossing cardstock.
A nice day outside = using our outdoor dining table and chairs for a change. How novel!
August 19th Day of Hope. My mother's group held a special prayer flag morning tea in observance.
Family dinner at my inlaw's house = very cold. Long sleeves, long pants, socks, slippers, a hoodie and a blanket. Still cold!
PB&J on shop bought white bread. Is anything more satisfying when you're trying to conquer jetlag?
Yup, more cornbread and chili. We just can't get decent cornmeal here in Australia so we import this dry mix as much as possible. Don't judge. Some things just aren't worth the hassle of making from scratch.
Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to my baby brother Ethan and my first Gillette sister Drea!
Our local shops have been doing quite a bit of renovating and expanding. I was out printing flyers for my business and this was quite different from when I was here last.
Giggle when you see it. ;)
Well whaddaya know? I found me another new dress. This floaty lil number is really quite comfortable and just the right length. I've already worn it twice!
So, a mate accidentally broke my Villeroy and Boch newwave coffee cup last Wednesday. On Sunday she surprised me with a gift card to replace it. I checked after my job interview (which was unsuccessful) and couldn't find a suitable replacement so I had afternoon tea with my card instead. Thank you Esther! I felt very much like a little girl having a tea party sitting at the coffee bar in my new dress having my coffee and scone with jam and cream!
Baby snuggles with my new niece. <3 A mini album capturing meeting lil miss C for the first time? Priceless.
Errands = coffee. It was a bit warmer out today than I had expected so an icy cold sweet coffee was just the ticket.
My new flyer has made it into the display case at my local shops. To quote a mate's lil boy, I'm "famous".
Jelly trying to escape. Poor jelly.

What have you been up to?

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Saturday, August 30, 2014


So... I am totally not a dress person. I love me my jeans and tees. But.... I've been having quite a bit of luck since Boxing Day in finding dresses.

Dress #1 I found on Boxing Day during the sales. The $29 tag was reasonable in my book. When I got to the check out, it rang up half price. I'll gladly pay $14.50 for a maxi dress!
I initially bought it for our mates Paul and Bianca's January 4 wedding. Just so happened to be THE.HOTTEST.DAY.EVER. 40*C+. Oy.
I next wore it for my Australian Citizenship Ceremony on June 24. I added this lil 3/4 sleeve black cardi on top for warmth. June is winter down here y'all!
Decorating the arch for my brother Kyle's wedding August 9th.
Dress #2 I found in May. I got it chiefly as my bridesmaid dress for my brother Erik's wedding August 1st. I also thought I could use it for job interviews (for office/clerical positions where something a bit fancier was required) and for nights out at QPAC. I saw it on the rack and thought it looked a bit too old lady for my taste. I took a chance and tried it on. The $35 tag convinced me to get it! That's suuuuuuuuuuuuuper cheap for a bridesmaid dress! The other dresses I was looking at were $120!
First bridesmaid down the aisle!
Bridesmaidy fun
Dress #3 I found today. Its now spring in Oz and I don't really feel like wearing my striped dress all day for job hunting. (It's a bit heavier fabric than I'd like for this time of year.) I've got an interview on Tuesday at 3pm, just after my jobseeker assistance meeting and just before my evening out with Mum at QPAC. I'm pairing it with my 3/4 black cardi, some peeptoe flats, a light brown suede bag, and my pearly bridesmaid jewelry. This one? Only $25. Also usable for events with my home business. Bonus points!

I think I might be turning into a dress person. Help!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


My brothers and I are all married off now. Now I've got to do something with all our wedding photos. We're running out of wall space so a collage of frames it is.

Even though I no longer work there, the big blue box of swedish origins has a decent selection of frames. I found this one during a quick online search and I think it'll fit the bill nicely.
VÄXBO, Collage frame for 8 photos
I've got a pile of photos to sort through and pick for this one. I'm thinking one vertical photo of each couple, then one horizontal photo of each couple with the new siblings-in-law. I might have my husband spray paint this black to match the rest of the frames we have around here.

What do we think people? Look pretty good?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Stuff we've been up to.... pt 2 Seattle Day Trip

A day with not a whole lot on the agenda = going to the movies! A walk to the bus stop in the snooty part of town :p and a bus ride to Alderwood Mall. These are all my husband's pictures, the collage ones are mine.
We saw Guardians of the Galaxy. A lot funnier and more slapstick marvel movie than I was expecting. Quite a bit of "sneaking crap past the censors" too! We had a rootbeer to share through the movie and a baggie of marinated pretzels to munch on. Afterwards, we got some yummy ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery.
We headed out of the house for a day in the city. We caught the bus from my folks house to my old uni, then to the city.
We stopped in Freemont (weird place) to check things off Glenn's to do list. First up, the statues.
 Then a walk to the Freemont Troll. We also saw the three billy goats gruff!
Then a walk to Gas Works Park.
Glenn's pasty white legs.
 We walked back to Fremont via the Burke Gilman Trail and stopped at a brewery. Glenn had a sampler assortment, I just sat there. My feet were killing me.
The mojito pale ale did NOT go down well.
We left Freemont and caught a bus to the Streamline, a dive bar. We drank our pints and had a pizza to nibble on. We were hungry! And we were getting quite sunburnt. You can already tell here that I'm turning into a lobster.
Checking the bus route with my maps app.
Glenn's arty shot of me.
 We found another thing on my husband's to do list. Dexter and Denny.
Finally, we made our way down to Pike Place Market. Starbucks was on my agenda, checking out a favorite book store was on Glenn's. I was near to fainting from burning feet and not enough water so standing in line against a window was a good idea. I made it through the long line and ordered and enjoyed the slight air conditioning while Glenn got the books he was after. I got out of line with our drinks and was out on the cobblestones when Glenn got back. Perfect timing!
 Walking around in direct sun during the strongest hours of sunlight = one lobster redhead. Not fun.
We eventually made it home for the night. Two very tired and sunburnt lil vegemites.

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